Your Best Face Forward

Everyone wants to look their best, and there’s nothing shallow about that. Sure, there may be more to life than looking good, and in fact, there’s a lot more. But having a healthy relationship with your own appearance is something that improves other aspects of your life. People who dress well and take care of their appearance reap a lot of advantages. Studies show that people we perceive as good-looking end up making more money and seeing other benefits. And since studies also show that confidence and happiness make us look good, it only makes sense to invest in one’s appearance and learn to love it.

So are you doing enough to maintain your natural good looks? Here are a few things to remember when you set out into the world.

Remember those medical and dental appointments

When we think of highly trained folks in lab coats or scrubs working to make us beautiful, we may think of plastic surgeons. But you don’t have to go under the knife for a medical or dental professional to help you look better. You need to take care of your body, and that means eating well and exercising, but it also means staying healthy. Visit your doctor regularly for annual checkups and any other necessities that your doctor recommends.

Visit your dentist too, as you should stop by your local New Brunswick dentist twice a year. Our teeth have a surprisingly large impact on the way we look. A healthy, beautiful smile makes your whole face look better, and the confidence you’ll gain when you can show a little teeth will be radiant. Be sure to get regular cleanings and checkups, and don’t forget to floss and brush in between. If you’re not happy with your teeth’s shade of white (or off-white), ask your dentist about teeth whitening options.

Dress the part

Nobody looks good when they’re dressed poorly. When you see a movie star dressing “schlubby” in a movie, check out the fit. They may be wearing a stained hoodie or some other “unfashionable” garment, but filmmakers know that ill-fitting clothes look bad on anyone, even Ryan Gosling. A soup stain or a tear signals to the audience that the clothes are unfashionable, but the flattering cuts and tailoring should remind you that the movie stars’ good looks are always, always aided by their clothes.

So take that lesson to heart, and make sure that you dress well. Look for manufacturers and shops that provide clothes in fits which flatter your body type. Try out smaller shops. Nine times out of ten, a boutique has better and more stylish options for you than a big box store.

If you’re not up on the latest styles, never fear. Just ask the experts at your local boutique or do your own research online. You can also subscribe to magazines that specialize in covering the latest styles and trends.

Love yourself

It’s important to put effort into your appearance, but remember that if you don’t give yourself a break and love the way you look, you’re only hurting yourself. A smile and confidence can make you much more attractive, so any time you’re hard on yourself about your appearance, you’re being counterproductive. Embrace positivity, and if you feel that you have an unhealthy body image, don’t be afraid to speak to a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist for expert help with your mental health.

If you keep a positive relationship with your own look, stay healthy, visit your dentist, and put on the right clothes, you’re going to look fantastic. So get out there and be the most beautiful you that you can be.

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