Women’s Health, a grave concern requiring essential Medical Treatment

Women’s Health is fragile, and there are several genuinely grave issues which need immediate attention and treatment. These issues range from menstrual disorders, Gynecological complexities and even severe problems related to obesity.

Menstrual disorders for most women are common and requires treatment and medical attention. Menstrual disorder varies and has different consequences upon the health depending on its nature and the symptoms are also different.

  • Most women have the sharp intermittent, aching pain during their periods, and this is Dysmenorrhea. The aching agonizing pain is usually in the lower abdomen and the pelvic region.
  • Most women generally also face the problem of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. The nature of the bleeding varies with abnormally heavy flow, extremely light menstrual bleeding, irregular bleeding or no bleeding at all. Menorrhagia is extremely heavy and abnormally prolonged menstrual cycle. Hypomenorrhea is inordinately light menstrual bleeding. Metrorrhagia is the bleeding at irregular intervals, sporadic bleeding outside the menstrual cycle. All of the kinds mentioned above are distinctly different and abnormal in their own nature bearing severe health consequences.
  • There are also menstrual disorders pertaining to the irregular and abnormal menstrual cycles. Irregular Menstruation is the difference in the menstrual cycle beyond the stipulated number of days, a period of six to seven days. Metrorrhagia is often associated with irregular menstrual cycles. Oligomenorrhea is the extremely light period, the interval cycle even prolonging over thirty-five days.

Gynecological inflammation or infection is a severely dangerous health condition for women. It is among the most common infections which women have, one or the other kind. The most common infection is either vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis or even pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. Often these diseases are not taken into concern because of lack of knowledge and lead to dangerous consequences upon the health.

  • Vulvitis is the infection in the tender folds of the vulva. These have the symptoms of redness, itching, swelling, white patches, blisters, and fluids.
  • Vaginitis is an inflammation on the walls of the vagina, may be infectious or non-infectious. Vaginitis should always be treated with ultimate seriousness because if left untreated may lead to PID which often leads to, if medically untreated, infertility. There might be a frothy discharge, fluid of a pungent odor and redness or swelling. This needs medical attention and treatment immediately.
  • Cervicitis is experienced when there is an irritation or infection in the cervix. Caused by a number of reasons can even be acute or chronic. This is caused by Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and such other diseases.

TCM women health is critical for every individual in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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