Why is it Helpful to visit Gynaecologist regularly?

It is always good to visit a doctor than to suffer. If you have any type of health problems, make sure that you talk to health specialists. Talking about women, they have so many physical changes during their lifespan and they might feel discomfort at times. It is better to take precautions and visit gynaecologist for clarity. Once you search you can visit the best gynaecology doctor in India. These experts can guide you and help you with your health problem. Whether it is related to menstruation or pregnancy; you can talk to them.

You know people have attached a   notion with gynaecologists that a female only requires to visit them when they are pregnant. Other than pregnancy most of the females take the assistance of a family physician or general medical practitioner while dealing with certain female issues. But what has to be taken into consideration here is that gynaecological problems are diverse and not just restricted to pregnancy and post-delivery health.

What is the need to visit a gynaecologist?

Well, a general practitioner or family doctor might be in a position to treat the problems or symptomatically but might or might not be in a position to get to the core of the issue. In such times a detailed conversation, required tests coupled with the right treatment and diagnosis conducted by a gynaecologist can measure your health status in a complete manner.   There are many reasons and important points that you should definitely visit a gynaecologist.

First of all, in case you have any type of abnormalities in menstrual bleeding, then you must get alert. Irregular uterine bleeding no matter in the times of adolescent, reproductive years or in case you find bleeding post menopause can showcase a host of crucial conditions. It might be a problem related to ovarian cysts, infection related to pelvic, fibroids endometriosis or even worse a sign that maybe like the existence of polyps in the uterus.  These are the signs that can be really risky for your health if goes unattended.

Similarly, if you experience any of the following conditions, you must embrace a gynecologist right away:

  • Experiencing more than general discomfort in the breasts during the duration of periods
  • The feeling of experiencing a lump in the breast
  • Any kind of discharge from the breasts

In case you confront any of these symptoms then you have to go to a gynaecologist right away.   They can diagnose the issue and if these problems go unchecked, they might turn out to be a life-threatening thing for you.

You have to be alert about the following things too:

  • An infrequent pelvic pain or uneasiness
  • Immense menstrual cramps felt in the abdomen and the lower back
  • Abdominal pain after sexual intercourse
  • Ache coupled with the presence of a lump in the abdomen
  • Immense pelvic or abdominal pain during the time of menstruation or sexual intercourse

Actually talking about the abdominal pain, it can hint a variety of tensions like a tumor, fibroids, or even ovarian cysts.   Here, it is crucial you talk to your gynaecologist without any further delays.

How often you should visit a gynaecologist?

  • It is true that every female must see a gynaecologist to endorse good health. Right, you’re your time of puberty, when reproductive organs being to get mature, you must be regularly measured by a gynaecological specialist.
  • Women must schedule an examination between the ages of thirteen and fifteen or simply when they get sexually active. It is apparent that the physicians can discuss and tell about normal bodily activities and answer any associated queries about menstruation that might arise. Doctors can absolutely advise older females about menopause and hormone replacement therapy as well. It is right to say that if you develop a relationship with a gynaecologist, it might be helpful for you over the years.
  • During the time of an annual woman examination, an OB/GYN shall carry out pelvic and breast examinations. A pelvic test would permit inspection of the cervix; similarly, a Pap smear allows the examination of a couple of cells microscopically for any perhaps cancerous cells. Females must go for a pelvic exam yearly, whether or not they are tackling with a Pap smear. The thing is that the health specialist can measure diverse disorders of the reproductive system through an examination. The gynaecologist can also carry out tests with tissue and blood cultures.
  • Moreover, self-examination or an examination by a specialist can also tell about breast irregularities early. From there, a mammogram visualizes the breast tissue for any type of possible cancerous changes. In such instances digital imaging software gets used in the computerized mammography and it can remove some errors in reading. In case you are having any type of uneasiness or weirdness in the behavior of your breasts and menstrual cycle, it is always sensible to consult a gynaecologist. These are the small actions that can protect you from health ailments.

Hygiene and health

In the past, a majority of women were hesitant about talking related to their menstruation and similar issues. But since the world is advancing, women are realizing the importance of taking care of their private part and performing the tasks that are important to them.  If you want to make sure that you stay healthy and hygienic, you should visit your gynaecologist. Many females feel shy to talk about it to their friends and acquaintances. There is no need to be shy about this because shyness can become dangerous at times. If you feel that you are facing some problem or infection, it is wise to talk to a gynaecologist. It is their duty to help you fight the problem. They would examine your health and then take an action for your welfare. They have special equipment and tools to ensure that your health stays fit and body remains hygienic.


Thus, when are you going to schedule a visit with your gynaecologist? It is better to have a step today than to remorse later on.

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