What Are Food Pests And How Much Harm Can They Cause?

What is a food pest? Quite simply these are insects and animals which are primarily attracted by food. This can include rodents like rats and mice, cockroaches, flies, and stored product insects. This is also a blanket term for insects such as beetles, moths, and mites.

These pests mostly affect food prep and storage areas. This includes those who work with food from farms to restaurants, supermarkets, and food processing companies.

Why these pests can cause harm

The reason why these pests are dangerous is that their faeces are toxic. What’s more, they can also spread disease.

They are responsible for the spread of pathogens such as gastroenteritis, salmonella, E. Coli, listeria, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and even tuberculosis.

All of these are extremely dangerous and can contaminate food which is being served, prepared or stored. These pathogens can result in customers becoming ill. They can also result in large government fines. These can affect your bottom line and even put you out of business.

How to spot and prevent issues

Often you will never see these pests.

They shy away from humans and most only come out at night. According to Glen from Diamond Pest Control, this means you need to look out for other signs:

  • One of the biggest signs is droppings.
  • Dead insects and animal bodies.
  • Insect casings which have been shed.
  • Damage to fixtures and equipment.
  • Damaged packaging and stored products.
  • Food on display which has been eaten.
  • Urine stains.
  • Gnaw marks.
  • Nests and the mess from nest materials.

Ways these pests can affect you

There are many reasons why people must eliminate these pests:

The main reason for removing them is the irritation factor. You don’t want these bugs crawling around your kitchen.

If you have a business that involves food you do not want these bugs to be seen by your customers. This looks extremely bad. Not only that, they can have a serious effect on your business. No one wants to eat at a restaurant which is known as being bug-infested.

There are a number of solutions for removing these pests. But due to the fact that these issues usually affect business, in most cases, professionals will be called in.

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