Treat yourself from Morton’s neuroma

If you are feeling a continuous pain in your foot while you are walking, or running, then there are chances that you might be suffering from Morton’s neuroma disease. It is a disease that affects the ball of your foot and provides you with discomfort when a small pressure is applied to it. It makes it difficult for the people to walk on the rough and uneven surface.

What is it?

Many people believe that it is actually a tumor in their foot, whereas many of them believe that it is actually a tumor in nerves. But the fact is it is not a tumor, instead, the tissue surrounding your nerves become thick and make the blood flow difficult in your toe. This thickening of the tissue in the foot causes pain in the foot. This disease can affect the men as well as women. There are many Health Care Centres which can treat your Morton’s neuroma without any kind of surgery.The symptoms of this disease are pretty much easy to notice. If you are feeling a burning pain and the ball of your foot or that pain increases with any physical activity or while wearing shoes. If you are also feeling numbness in your toe, then it also means that you are suffering from Morton’s neuroma.

Consult the experts

There are many experts who can provide you with Morton neuroma treatment so that you may get the relief from the pain that you are feeling in your foot. These experts will provide you with right medication as well as various massage therapies and physical exercises using which you can easily treat your disease without undergoing any kind of surgery.You can also prefer to change your footwear if you are feeling discomfort in your toe. You should try to avoid high heels and tight shoes which don’t allow your toe to expand while walking. You should prefer to go with wide comfortable shoes.

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