Top 3 Beauty Products Any Girl Should Have in Her Purse

We all have the beauty routines we could more or less not do without, and we’re not here today to try and change yours. No, we’d like to share our tips to make it easier and more efficient regardless of whether you have an important meeting you need to look your best for, a transexual date, or any kind of date for that matter, or you just want to hit the town with a few friends and unwind after a long week at work. Below, you’ll find our top 3 tips to make your life easier and your appearance more polished and refined.

#1: Nail Cream

Don’t have time or funds for weekly manicures? Nail cream to the rescue! Personally, I’ve been using mine since junior high, and can honestly say I only get manicures on special occasions because I don’t really need them. Massaging the cream into my nails after every shower more than does the job, cares for my cuticles and nails so that there are no white spots on them, and they are so strong I can grow them as long as I want.

Nowadays, with shorter and sleeker looking nails being more in style I don’t really benefit from the fact that I could grow my nails really long, and I file them once a week, put on any kind of polish I want because they’re healthy and can pull off any color, and I’m good to go! I more than suggest you do the same. Not only will you save tons of money, but you’ll also save yourself plenty of trips to the salon, too!

#2: Leave-In Conditioner

A travel-size leave-in conditioner has every business being in your purse at all times! Needless to say, a regular-size leave-in conditioner that you’ll put on after every shampoo will make your tips look healthy and shiny, making every day good-hair day.

To top it all off, your little ‘helper’ you can resort to in bad weather on your way to work, getting caught in the rain just before you get to the party or too windy a Friday afternoon downtown can give you the ‘salon’ effect in a matter of seconds wherever you are. Some people say that hair is overrated, but us girls with a beautiful flowy mane know guys go crazy for sexy hair!

#3: Concealer

Nothing hides those tired, puffy eyes like a good concealer. Most of us have insanely long days, and the standards of beauty aren’t doing anything to help, so there is pretty much nothing left to do but to resort to little tricks like this.

You obviously put your concealer on before finishing your morning makeup routine, but by 5 or 6 PM, and the time you get off work and finally get to play a little, your makeup is not even remotely as fresh as you’d like. With a concealer in your purse, this problem is so easily solved, you wouldn’t believe you’d ever lived without it. Dab it gently under your eyes, and spread it all over your dark circles not only to conceal them but to make them shine bright!

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