Tips for Choosing the Best Ophthalmic Solution

There are lots of ophthalmic solutions to choose from and it may vary according to its usage, or who is going to use it. So what is the best ophthalmic solution for you? Of course, you may need to identify what eye condition you have in order to determine the right eye drop for you. Would it be for itching? For red eyes? Whatever eye drops you need, you still need to know if you have the exact solution needed for your eye condition. Here are the types of eye conditions so you would know the ophthalmic solutions that suit you best.

Dryness –

Eye lubricants are used for people with the dryness of the eyes. Dryness is usually caused by aging and some medical conditions like diabetes, arthritis, Vitamin A deficiency, thyroid problems, and many more. Ophthalmologists will advise you to use a preservative-free eye lubricant, which is abundant in the market.

Infection or pink eye –

It can be bacterial or viral in nature. For viral pink eyes, the doctors usually prescribe artificial tears together with some antiviral eye solutions and ointments. For the bacterial pink eye, antibiotic eye drops or ointment is the best remedy.

Sore eyes and Redness –

Soreness of the eyes or conjunctivitis can be caused by stress, pollution, or bacteria transferred from one person to another. Decongestant eye drops are the best eye solution for eye redness and irritations.

Mattering (eye goop) –

A condition in which the eyes are producing thick mucus. The doctor might prescribe eye drops depending on the situation. The ophthalmologist may prescribe antibiotic or antiviral eye drops depending on the cause of the matted eyes. Decongestants and antihistamines will also be advised to lessen the redness and itching.

Swollen eyes –

It may be caused by infection, allergies, stye, or cyst that the doctor will advise you to put antihistamine eye drops or decongestant eye solution to relieve the symptoms, simultaneously with a cold compress to decrease the swelling.

Allergies –

Conjunctiva is the most affected part when there is an allergy in the eye. Antihistamine and decongestant eye solutions or ointment is the best to apply to decrease the itchiness and redness of the affected area.

There are still a lot of eye conditions that we have to know, but first thing, we need to be aware of how to take care of our eyes properly to avoid any eye ailments. Aside from the conditions mentioned above, there are still a lot of cases that may affect the eyes such as glaucoma, and hypotrichosis.

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