This Is a Service That Analysis Your Health and Wellness

Your health is all about you – everyone including you has unique chemistry, genetics, environment, and lifestyle. There are some websites that are dedicated to following your health so they can help you improve how you feel and your overall health wellness by an approach that is individualized and intends to give you information on your personalized healthcare and wellness by measuring changes in epigenetic markers.


Epigenetics genetics is the study of genetic changes in gene expression (inactive versus active genes) that does not encompass deviations to the fundamental DNA sequence —without a change in genotype but a change in phenotype —in turn, affects how your cells read the genes.

Choices affect health

This is an AI startup preventative system that analyzes your sample and shows you exactly how your lifestyle choices and your environment affect your DNA and your health.

What affects your health

They can tell individuals how they are being personally affected by:

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Pollution
  • Other health conditions

This is done by taking a DNA sample from a simple saliva test that you send in. And only you have access to the information.


This empowers you by having available the best possible information to help you manage your health and quality of life. You will be able to better understand your biology, then monitor it, and you improve it to reach your health at your maximal potential.

Easy as 1-2-3

First, you send them a sample of saliva with a home collection kit. Second, you just send it to them and they analyze a snapshot of your DNA as well as analysis epigenetics. Third, you will be provided with the information that will empower you to compare as well as better your results in a year. This information is provided only for you in a locked process and you are the only one that will see it.


That is so easy; it doesn’t come any easier than this. But of course, you must figure out what you need to change and do it for a year to follow up. You must buy into wanting to be healthier or this entire process means nothing.

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