The Side Effects Of Skin Needling

Skin needling or micro needling is one of the most popular skin care treatments today. Aside from the fact that it’s a minimally invasive procedure, it also has many positive side effects that have people with all kinds of troubled skin satisfied. Men and women alike turn to this particular beauty treatment to tackle issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, large pores, and aging skin. But not all side effects prove to be positive. Some skin needling results are quite unfavorable; however, it all gets better in the end just as long as you’re patient enough.

You can get skin needling or other effective beauty treatments in Brisbane from The Facial Hub and be amazed at the wondrous results. If you want to know more about this popular skin trend, here are _ side effects of skin needling.

1. Redness

Since this treatment uses a lot of tiny needles, you can expect that there will be redness afterward. Skin needling isn’t the only beauty treatment that results in a red complexion. Most regimens and procedures result in redness because of the facial skin’s natural sensitivity than the rest of our skin. This side effect is merely due to inflammation after certain punctures or presses onto the skin. Looking like a tomato after a skin needling is very normal, and it usually subsides within a few hours.

2. Dryness

Skin needling, like many other beauty treatments, tends to make the skin extremely dry immediately after the procedure. Dryness occurs because of the loss of moisture in the skin through a specific product or a certain technique. After going through a skin needling treatment, your skin will feel drier than usual because the treatment gets rid of all the dead skin cells and excess oils. This reaction is normal and is your body’s way of healing itself. The best thing you can do during this period is to wait it out and apply a water-based moisturizer.

3. Tenderness

Aside from your skin feeling extra dry, you may notice that your skin feels raw and tender to the touch. There is also a high chance that your skin feels tighter after a skin needling treatment. These side effects are expected and are no less than ordinary. It usually lasts for only a couple of hours to a few days. During this time, you should avoid touching your face and the use of any exfoliators and stick to hydrating products instead.

4. Sensitivity

After a skin needling treatment, your skin is exposed. During this period, you will be more sensitive to a lot of external factors such as pollution and sunlight. Depending on how sensitive your skin already is, you can be prone to more inflammation, peeling, sunburn, and others. That is why when you undergo a skin needling treatment, you should be ready with essentials for after your procedure. Consider bringing a large sun hat or an umbrella to keep your skin covered after your session. You can also ask about what else to do after a skin needling Brisbane from The Facial Hub so you can be ready.

5. Infection, Bruising, And Swelling

These side effects rarely occur after a skin needling treatment, especially if you are in a licensed and professional skin clinic. However, there are very few reports of infection, bruising, and swelling as part of a skin needling side effect. They usually disappear quickly.

Final Words

Skin needling does wonderful things to the most common skin problems. If you can deal with the side effects, make sure to book a procedure only with a professional.

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