The Most Commonly Asked Question about Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery is one of the most commonly used treatments for improving eye vision. It is used for correcting near-eye sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. When it comes to Lasik surgery, people have many questions; in this article, we have short-listed some commonly asked questions and their general answer.

1. How does a Lasik Surgery Feel Like?

The Lasik Eye Surgery is a totally painless procedure, but there may be some situations, where some patients find it uncomfortable. Anaesthetic Eyedrops are put into the eyes, which is making the eyes numb and you fill absolutely no pain during the surgery, the procedure of Lasik surgery depends upon the type of surgery. After the procedure, the patients are given eye drops to prevent the infection and dryness and also they are provided with soft contact lenses to help the healing process and protect eyes.

2. What Conditions are not suitable for the Lasik Surgery


  • Patients who have diabetes or glaucoma or any other continual diseases will require to consult with the eye specialist.
  • Pregnant and Breastfeeding ladies are not suitable for the Lasik surgery, because hormonal changes may affect the eyesight.
  • Patient must be above 21 years and have a stable prescription for about one year. Patients who are below 21 cannot undergo the Lasik Eye Surgery, because their eyes are still developing and Prescription might change. Although, there is no upper limit for age in Lasik surgery. Still, many Lasik surgery centres do not take patients above 70 years.

3. What is the Average Cost of Lasik Surgery

The Average Cost in the United States and Michigan Lasik eye Centre is $2,150 for an eye and total of $4,300 for both the eyes. However, the price may differ slightly according to the Lasik Eye Centre.

4. How long it will take to Recover from Lasik Eye Surgery

It will depend on the type of Lasik Eye Treatment. Within 1 to 2 days some patients have normal vision, while some need week to get normal vision and recover. You may know the recovery time from your surgeon before Lasik Eye Treatment.

So these were most commonly asked questions about Lasik Eye Surgery, however, you may take to your surgeon for detailed information.

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