The best minoxidil for hair loss and hair regrowth

We are going to explore minoxidil as a treatment for hair loss and explain how Hair Restoration Laboratories has developed the most effective minoxidil-based product available.

While the FDA has approved minoxidil as a hair loss treatment, the medical community is not in agreement as to how it exactly stimulates hair regrowth. Some theorize that minoxidil promotes blood flow to hair follicles and increases both the size of the follicles and the diameter of the hair shaft. This stimulates hair growth and prolongs that growth.

During initial clinical testing, minoxidil was only tested on males. Because subjects only used it in the crown of the scalp, it has only ever been approved to help regrow hair in that area–and not along the hairline or the center of the scalp. Minoxidil was subsequently approved to be used at a 5{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} concentration, for both men and women for hair loss and thinning caused by genetics.

Unfortunately, standard minoxidil is quite limited in its effectiveness. Minoxidil does not do anything to stop hair loss as it does not address the actual cause of genetic hair loss-Dihydrotesterone (“DHT”). Even if you use minoxidil religiously, eventually, your hair follicles will become overwhelmed by DHT, leading to hair miniaturization. To properly stop and reverse hair loss, you must block DHT.

Unfortunately, DHT causes havoc for hair follicles. It connects to them and triggers a process called “miniaturization”. As the hair follicles become miniaturized, they will grow in thinner and thinner. In the long run, the hair turns out to be so thin and feeble that, once it drops out, it essentially does not regrow once more.

In order for men and women to prevent and reverse hair loss, Hair Restoration Laboratories has combined FDA approved 5{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} minoxidil with powerful ingredients that have the ability to block DHT. Unlike regular 5{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} minoxidil, the Treatment contains multiple, potent DHT blockers. The minoxidil with DHT blockers also contains essential vitamins, nutrients, and other ingredients to dramatically increase the strength, health, and thickness of your hair.

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