Study Shows that Long-term Vaping is Safer than Smoking

Vaping has long been the subject of discussion by many health experts. A recent study has finally shown that long term vaping is far safer than smoking. TABlites stocks everything you need to get started on the Vaping process, although it is of paramount importance that you begin y first understanding how different vaping is from smoking and that one doesn’t necessarily replace the other.

To do this, researchers subjected non-smokers to a series of tests to determine the viability of vaping as an alternative to smoking. Vaping has been around for nearly a decade and in that time it has been compared to smoking in numerous ways. This study finally puts the debate to rest; at least the debate as to whether long-term vaping is safer than smoking.

The Landmark Study and Its Findings

The study involved 181 smokers and ex-smokers and is thought of as the first landmark study of the effects of vaping on smoker and non-smokers. Before this study, every bit of information about vaping was purely circumstantial or promotional and many ex-smokers or smokers who were looking for a viable alternative could not make up their mind about the viability of vaping as an option.

Each of the 181 volunteers completed a questionnaire that was designed to provide information about their health practices. They were also asked to provide saliva, breath and urine samples for the study. After running various tests, the scientists working on the project concluded that there were far fewer levels of toxic chemicals and carcinogens in the sample provided by smokers and ex-smokers who had been Vaping for a while.

The tests also proved that smokers who were witching between cigarettes and vaping were not significantly lowering the risk of cancer. Most admitted that they thought this practice can significantly reduce the levels of harmful carcinogens in the bloodstream. But the research shows that the practice was only beneficial to their budget. Their samples showed the same or increased levels of carcinogens in the bloodstream.

Who Carried Out the Research?

 This research was conducted by researchers drawn from various noteworthy institutions around the world including the University College London, Center for Disease Control and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The findings were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal.

This research’s findings are a significant boost to the vaping industry. But even more than that, they provide hope for smokers and e-smokers that there is a far healthier way to continue to enjoy their preferred lifestyle. The fact that a high percentage of the research subject showed a significant reduction in the levels of carcinogenic chemicals in the bloodstream after vaping is good news to all smokers who have long lived with the threat of cancer hanging over them.

If you are considering getting into smoking, you might want to try vaping instead. You get the same nicotine high without the increased risk of cancer.

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