Steroids with minimal rollback effect – what exactly happens to your body

All athletes who use anabolic steroids are familiar with the kickback phenomenon. Rollback refers to the process of muscle loss at the end of anabolic steroids, especially if the course was drawn up incorrectly. Muscles begin to rapidly decrease in volume, literally “deflate”, nullifying all the efforts made during training. The process lasts about a month – after 30 days from the acquired mass remains at best 30-35%.

What steroids do not cause a rollback phenomenon

Winstrol injections online in USA that would be completely devoid of the properties of the so-called “post-course plum” have not yet been developed. But when drawing up the course, you can focus on steroids that cause a minimal rollback phenomenon. These are means due to which muscles do not increase due to water, but due to a qualitative increase in muscles, which over time does not waste the accumulated volumes.

In the lines of sports pharmacology, there are also prolonged drugs. They are excreted from the body for a very long time, maintaining a high concentration of hormones in the blood and gained muscle mass.

Minimal rollback steroids include:

  • Deca ( Nandrolone Decanoate ). An injection drug whose anabolic effect develops slowly and gradually. The increase in muscle mass is significant, but not spasmodic, but smooth, with a high-quality drawing of the muscles. The drug improves the absorption of amino acids and other beneficial substances by the intestines, which has a beneficial effect on the division of muscle fibers. The average duration of the Deca course is 10 weeks, but performing athletes use the drug for up to six months with a periodic increase in dosage. The period of activity of the pharmaceutical product reaches 15 days with a half-life of up to 7 days, so it makes no sense to inject more often than 1 time per week.
  • Omnadren. A powerful and long-acting injectable anabolic, which includes 4 testosterone esters – propionate, phenylpropionate, isocapronate and capronate. Each of the esters is included in the work gradually, one after another, maintaining a stable level of hormones in the blood. Omnadren provides great success in achieving muscle mass and strength without significant loss at the end of the course. The half-life of active esters is about 2 weeks, but the drug is recommended to be administered weekly.
  • Sustanon. An anabolic steroid is similar in composition to Omnadren – these are four testosterone esters, including propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate, and decanoate. Due to the presence of decanoate and nitrogen in testosterone, Sustanon works gently, without losing a pronounced anabolic effect. The drug does not require frequent injections due to the different absorption rates of testosterone esters. Injections are given once a week, while in the blood the active substances of the steroid can be detected for another month after the end of the AS program.

Is it possible to block the rollback phenomenon?

It will not work to avoid rollback, but the effect can be minimized if:

  • consume more protein – meat, eggs, protein shakes;
  • reduce the intensity of training in the first post-course days to 2-3 per week;
  • conduct post-course therapy to restore normal hormonal levels using Gonadotropin, Tamoxifen, Proviron;
  • in conjunction with AS, take the Tribulus vegetable herbal supplement that supports the structure of muscle fibers.

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