Research With CBD Oils For Recovery From Strokes

There are 2 various main kinds of strokes that many experiences today.  The first is the hemorrhagic stroke.  This type of stroke is when there is a rupture in a blood vessel causing internal bleeding.  This type of stroke is often due to high blood pressure, but also aneurism, as well as a malformation in your arteries, can cause this to happen.

Second type

The second type of stroke is the ischemic stroke.  This kind of stroke is the most popular way of having a stroke, and this is because of blood clots that deprive the brain of nutrients as well as oxygen.  You also can experience what is often called a mini-stroke, where you have blood clots, but they do not block the path of the blood for long, and there is usually no damage that is permanent.

Access to oxygen

Within minutes of losing access to oxygen and blood, your brain cells will start to die.  Our cells are dying all the time, but when they are pushed to die faster than the body is able to replace them or repair them, that is when you begin to see damage to the brain.


Researchers believe they have found a method for us to prevent damage to the brain from strokes using CBD oil for stroke recovery.  In an animal model test, they discovered that rat models have lower levels of inflammation in their cardiovascular system.  They saw a 66{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} reduction in the death of cells with the test animals.   Another study tested mice and found that CBD will help with the neural damage as well.  They found that cerebral cell death was expressively lower in those mice that were dosed with CBD.  They found also that the cerebral blood flow increased.

Stroke treatment

The scientific community is excited about what this might mean for stroke treatment.  Many individuals must deal with repercussions their entire lives; wouldn’t it be amazing if they could get their functionality back?  If you have experienced brain damage or a stroke, talk to your physician about CBD today.  CBD could be the piece of the puzzle may have been missing.  You can find further information about this at

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