Relationship between Doctors and Patients on the Internet

There are large issues on hands about social media especially with the rapid evolution of these sites. Sites have passed others as the most popular for networking continue to develop. MySpace at one time the favorite and most popular site in the online community has almost become irrelevant. Facebook stays and is holding strong, though it certainly has had to adjust for the consumer needs for other modalities such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Also, attention

There has been a large amount of attention on healthcare providers’ and educators use of social media over the last several years. Wanting to create clear prospects for both healthcare students and physicians, there have been some specialized societies have written and published guidelines on the use of social media and healthcare. The main subject of these guidelines is to teach physicians or healthcare professionals to make sure to keep a separation among their public and their private persona.

Medical professionals

Many medical professionals find one of their favorite aspects of social media has been taking part of the academic dialog about healthcare with experts in medicine, public health, support, and yes, even patients. And patients are careful about not getting into discussions where their doctor is. This is something that many professionals are against but many like this type of discussion – on a topic such as the “stigma of lung cancer” or the need for leadership in healthcare do need to hear from the patients’ viewpoint. This is where there is a viewpoint that most professionals might not hear in traditional interactions with patients but is perhaps a teaching point for many physicians.


As there is the switch from old-style classrooms to the protracted e-med education, procedures will certainly have to be adjusted for. While physicians and students are expected to maintain a separate public persona, maintaining a private account for personal interaction with family and friends is becoming more acceptable.

Use in education

But the use in the education of healthcare professionals is one of the many good points about the internet. If you are interested in some of what is out there for students in medicine, a great example is MedScoop at

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