The Top Ways You Can Protect Your Body from the Radiation Emitted by Your Cell Phone

Cell phone use has become widespread – almost everyone in the world has a cell phone, and the number of cell phone users is growing as we speak. Even in the remotest parts of the globe, cell phones have allowed people to connect with each other in ways never before seen. But this widespread use of cell phones, while filled with advantages, can be fraught with disadvantages as well.

We know that cell phone use can increase our exposure to EMFs, and as a matter of fact, even the California Department of Public Health has issued a set of guidelines on proper cell phone use, including keeping cell phones far away from the body and limiting their use if the signal or reception isn’t reliable. Officials of the state have warned users that studies have linked prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation to the higher risk of cancers such as brain cancer, decreased sperm count, and other medical problems. So how can you enhance your protection against the radiation emitted by your cell phone? Here are the top ways you can protect yourself.

You can limit your risk by:

  • Converting your phone to airplane mode whenever you can. When you put your cell phone in airplane mode, it will turn off the cell phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities. Do this not only when you are sleeping, but also when your phone is in your bag or pocket or when you’re in a moving vehicle such as a car, train, or bus (this is because your cell phone can emit more energy, so it can maintain a connection from one tower to another tower).
  • Sleep with your cell phone far away from you. Your best bet would be to place your cell phone on your bedside table rather than underneath your pillow or beside your head. If you can’t avoid placing your cell phone beside you, at least put it in airplane mode as well.
  • Keep your cell phone at a distance from your body. If you have to go out with your cell phone, as most of us do, don’t put it in your pocket. Just keep it in a bag, knapsack, or purse; this is particularly important if you are downloading, sending a large file, or streaming.
  • Use a cell phone radiation protection product. There are now various products available which can protect you from radiation from your cell phone; take advantage of them.
  • Put your cell phone on speaker. When you do have to use your cell phone to place a call, don’t place it next to your ear – just put it on speaker. If you want, you can use a headset or wireless Bluetooth connection too.
  • Avoiding cell phone use if the signal isn’t stable. It’s also important to avoid using your cell phone if the signal isn’t strong or if it is too weak; this is because the cell phone will try to produce more radio frequency energy, so it can connect with a cell phone tower. If the signal is too weak and you try to place a call, your exposure to radiation can be greater.

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