The Idea of a Pill That Will Burn Your Fat for You Is an Enticing One, But Also a Lie!

People want pills to magically help them lose weight. We’re sorry to inform you, but there is no such magic pill on the market today. At least not with scientific support to back it!

People are today willing to lose hard earned money on stuff that doesn’t work. It’s not surprising fat burners often contain illegal substances that are often not even specified on their packaging!

One of the most dangerous fat burners, Ephedra, is now banned (thank god for that!). It had serious side effects, including stroke, seizures, and arrhythmias. Ephedra is extracted from the plant Ephedra, goes to show you what is “natural” isn’t necessarily safe. 26% of side effect cases resulted in death! Not worth it, I would say.

If this alone isn’t enough to stop you from wasting your money on these products, we’re here to tell you something. Even the “safe” fat burners which don’t have effects may also cause harm!

Science vs. Fiction?

In a trial, three groups were given a 12-week intervention about how to lose weight.

  1. Group 1 received placebo pills but told they were fat burners.
  2. Group 2 was given a placebo pill but told it might be a placebo or a fat burner.
  3. Group 3 received no pill at all.

The results will surprise you; all three groups lost as much weight after the intervention! But group 1 and 2 credited more of their weight loss to the pill rather than crediting themselves for their hard work and lifestyle change.

Finally, the placebo group also experienced “adverse” effects which they were told may be a side effect of these (fake) fat burners. This is known as the nocebo effect and shows that there may even be negative effects of taking a “harmless” pill with no proven effect.

What Should I do to Burn Fat?

First of all, stay away from fat burners! Focus on what works: a caloric deficit, consistency in training, and patience! Choose a diet that you can implement into your lifestyle, “low carb” or “counting calories” means nothing if you are cheating and can’t stick to it.

To succeed with weight loss, you need to find a dietary pattern that allows you to sustain a caloric deficit. If you want to learn more about how to set up your diet for fat loss success, you need to read Diet Like A Doctor.

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