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Being a personal trainer in Mclean for over 20 years, I always understood that the mind-muscle connection is a very important aspect to the success of a fitness plan, one that I feel is neglected and not talked about enough. Let’s dive on in.

We all know that for muscle hypertrophy or strength to take place, the muscle itself needs to be torn and broken down and rebuilt for such adaptation to take place. Case in point, we must learn how to efficiently break down and tear the muscle fibers in order to begin that process.

Without a doubt, you have seen most gym-goers perform their exercises using ballistic and uncontrolled momentum to perform their exercise. When you use momentum, you are not levying the load directly upon the muscle, thus negating the purpose. In order to perform the exercise more optimally, the exercise should be performed in a very slow controlled matter. During the concentric phase of the exercise or contraction phase, really feel the muscle squeeze and put your mind into the muscle. Vice a versa, on the negative or eccentric part of the motion, feel the muscle stretch and really focus in on the lengthening of the muscle.

By utilizing this mind-muscle connection, and really focusing in on how the muscle feels throughout the range of motion, you will be breaking down the muscle more optimally thus yielding much better adaptation and result. Remember, results and progress are what we are looking for, we are not looking to see who can throw around the most weight and get injured first.

So in closing, check the ego at the door, and really focus in on each phase of each repetition. Focus on the contraction, focus on the stretch, and really feel the muscle all the way through. Give the mind-muscle connection a shot, and I believe you will be very happy with the result. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us anytime at Every Body’s Personal Trainer.

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