Natural Testosterone Support

Many patients flock to their doctors and ask questions about testosterone therapy, but they often receive limited or biased information. Testosterone is a hormone vital to both men and women. It peaks during adolescence and continues through early adulthood. As the body ages, however, testosterone levels decline at a rate of about 1 percent a year after age 30.

Effects of decreasing testosterone may include decreased sex drive, depression, a decrease of body hair, anemia, changes in cholesterol levels, loss of muscle mass, and lost bone density. Studies indicate that approximately 1 out of every 200 men experience low testosterone levels.

If you are interested in testosterone therapy, it is important to visit a doctor who is familiar with anti-aging issues and can write you a proper prescription. In addition, he can run certain blood tests that will determine the degree of testosterone depletion in your body.

Your doctor may choose to prescribe you either natural or synthetic testosterone. Natural testosterone is produced from soybeans and is identical to the testosterone secreted by your body. It has the least amount of side effects and can remedy decreased strength, loss of libido, and mood swings. This form of hormone has been used since the 1930′s and can be found in any compounding pharmacy.

Synthetic testosterone, which is manufactured from scratch, is another option. Men over eighty should not take synthetic testosterone because of its tendency to enlarge the prostate. Unlike natural testosterone, the synthetic type also has the side effect of decreasing sperm count, sometimes to zero, and thus should not be prescribed to men who want children.

Natural testosterone is usually the better option and is much more commonly used to treat testosterone deficiencies.

Pharmacies sell a variety of preparations of natural testosterone such as lozenges, topical gels, topical creams, intramuscular injections, and oral capsules. The injections, gels, and creams have the best method of delivery. Oral forms of testosterone are not absorbed very well by the body and may cause damage to the liver. Each dose is highly individualized because excess amounts can lead to extreme liver problems or cancer. Those very serious risks are the reason it is so important to go to a doctor who specializes in hormone therapy or anti-aging solutions. Only a professional with experience can determine the proper dose and preparation that will be right for you.

Price is also a consideration to discuss with your doctor. Testosterone creams may cost anywhere from $30 per container to approximately $150. Injections occur every two weeks and cost between $100 and $200 per shot. Lozenges will run about $80 for a package of 28 in 25mg doses.

Men who undergo testosterone therapy have a high rate of success. They regain their sex drive, confidence, and enthusiasm for life. Testosterone therapy may be the perfect way for you to do the same.

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