Natural Remedies for Perimenopause

The “after the forties” period of women’s life is often overshadowed by symptoms of menopause. It would seem that it’s time to pay attention to yourself, start traveling, do your favorite things – but the change does not allow a woman to relax. Hot flashes, their expectation, sweating, sleep disturbances, and other not very pleasant symptoms with an indispensable plume accompany the hormonal restructuring of the body – the initial stage of menopausal changes, which is perimenopause. If earlier hormones helped a woman to be feminine, vibrant, maintain bone strength, now, they are no longer being produced, their reserves leave the woman’s body, and one has to wonder: what should be done when perimenopause occurs?

The most important thing is to start therapy a few years before the onset of menopause, precisely during the period of perimenopause, when the restructuring of the hormonal background is just beginning. In women, it usually comes at the same time as in their mothers. But abortion, lack of childbirth, stress, bad habits can cause early menopause – keep this in mind.

What is perimenopause?

In simple terms, this is the beginning of menopause, which does not occur overnight. Perimenopause definition is essentially the preparation of the female body for the end of the childbearing period in a woman’s life. This is a long process and it can be accompanied by certain unpleasant sensations. How long does perimenopause last? This figure is purely individual, each woman has it differently, but according to statistics, the period of restructuring takes from 3 to 5 years, typically.

Perimenopause treatment

To alleviate the condition of the woman and make up for hormones, there are special hormonal drugs for perimenopause, but first of all, you need to pay attention not to them, but to herbs – natural remedies for perimenopause.

The strength of nature helps the female body cope with many problems during the perimenopause, many plants contain phytohormones, which help preserve youth, prevent osteoporosis, diseases of the internal organs, which often debut during this period.

Perimenopause natural treatment

There are a great many natural supplements for perimenopause but the most common to use are the following:

  • Cimicifuga

This type of perimenopause supplements is made from the rhizome of a herbaceous plant. The effect of cimicifuga on the body is not related to the stimulation of estrogen receptors. But, at the same time, the substance normalizes thermoregulation (relief of hot flashes) and helps strengthen the autonomic nervous system (normalizes sleep and mood).

  • Soy

Perimenopause treatment natural soy exhibits maximum estrogen-like properties compared to other phytohormones. With regular use, the manifestations of hot flashes, sweating, dryness of the vagina, the risk of diseases of the genitourinary system are reduced.

It is worth remembering that natural remedies for perimenopause alone will not produce the desired effect. A woman also needs to normalize her diet, drink more fluids do cardio workouts – this is walking, dancing, and swimming. The premenopausal patient can attend yoga training. All this will prepare the body, heart and nervous system for premenopause loads.

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