My Vegan Rant

There are civilizations who have no choice but to eat animal products be that eggs, cheese, milk or flesh, but the difference there is, that only what is required is taken and not to excess. Cheeses are made from the milk of those animals which are actually lactating their young and the cheeses are stored and eaten throughout the year…the same applies to the meat.

My main problem is the way in which our ‘civilized’ governments in our so-called enlightened societies allow the animals to be injected with growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc to accelerate growth, the way in which the same said governments find it acceptable that the farmers treat dairy cows the way they do and to cap it all certifies that same milk as safe to drink even though each pint/litre may contain ‘x million/billion’ puss cells.

Milk is good for you…… isn’t it?

I always suspected that milking cows were continually impregnated to produce milk but chose to ignore it thinking that the calves would be raised for beef or added to the milking herd. I could accept that and continued to use milk. Added to that we are brainwashed into thinking that calcium from milk and milk products is necessary and vital for strong bones.

Milk is indeed high in calcium but this is needed for the calf to grow big, strong bones. For human adults, the high level of protein in milk, usually coupled with a high level of protein in other foods gives the body high acidity. To counteract this high acidity, the body takes alkaline from other parts of the body, mostly from our bones. The bones are weakened and become brittle, a condition known as osteoporosis, which affects mainly older people.

As a remedy for osteoporosis, people are told to drink more milk but a higher intake of milk only increases the acidity in the body and in turn aggravates the problem.

The composition of the milk in each species is fixed so that it should be used only for that species. No other animal chooses to drink milk into adulthood and especially not that of another species. Then why should adults drink milk and why give human babies the milk of cows, sheep or goats? We are the only animals on the planet who consciously drink milk into adulthood…and that milk is from another species.

How long does it take for?

Just to clarify matters for me I approached my mum, who grew up on a small holding in Italy, and asked her to confirm the length of time a chicken and pig grew to adulthood (these were the staple diet of the time which would see them through the winter) these were just two of my findings:

Chicken 6-8 months – factory farmed 6-8 weeks

Pig 12-18 months – factory farmed 6-9 months

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture? The worst of it was… my research also showed that the drugs injected in the factory farmed livestock do not neutralize during cooking and that they can turn carsogenic….

Once I had picked myself up off the floor…I then asked about milk production…did they have milk all year round? “No, of course, they didn’t…” she said and went on to say that only when there was a calf present did they have milk…hence the storing of hard cheeses to see them through the winters.

That did it…I was not paying ANY government to poison me and I certainly wasn’t going to contribute to the continued inhumane treatment of animals for food, and we call ourselves civilized?

Proof of the Pudding

Okay so let’s say I misunderstood the whole lot and what I have written is totally wrong, but think on this:

Our youngest has Cerebral Palsy. He could not digest milk until he was about two. I was worried sick that his bones were not getting enough calcium so as soon as he was able to take milk products I started to pour them down his throat: cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.

In his mid-twenties, he was diagnosed as having the onset of osteoporosis. This was confirmed by test results he had at the hospital. I encouraged him to give Soya products a try. Every day for 4 weeks he drank 1-2 bottles of choc Soya milk and ate a Soya yogurt both with added calcium. After this time he went back to the hospital to be tested again. We received a letter from his consultant a week or so later stating that the calcium level had inched up slightly and that he should continue to take the treatment he was undergoing.

Our son had been on Calcium tablets for three years prior to this to no avail, 4 weeks drinking calcium enriched Soya drink and eating calcium enriched Soya yogurt on a daily basis we found had made a difference.

Our conclusion was that the calcium in the Soya products is compatible with our bodies and is easily absorbed by our bones. I can only state what our findings are. It is then down to the individual to make up their own mind.

People give Veganism a try when they’re ready for it, not because they’re beaten over the head with statistics and health knowledge. Everyone is at a different place on the compassion line, so it’s best to look within and decide what place feels right for you.

Author: Jessica Hall. To read more about Veganism, diet programs and natural weight loss supplements visit her website.

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