My Adipex Story

My story goes like this: I was trying my best to maintain a healthy weight, but as I got older, I noticed the pounds were increasing, and it was becoming harder and harder to get rid of them.  Once my doctor evaluated my health and weight, she determined that I was obese. I was in complete and total shock. I knew I was overweight, but I certainly didn’t realize that I had become obese!

What could I do?

My doctor recommended taking a prescription diet pill that would help me slim down with greater ease. After talking about a few different products that were viable options for me, we decided on Adipex tablets. I got my prescription, had it filled at my pharmacy, and started taking these pills right away.

What happened next is interesting, and I detail it below.

It All Started Out Wonderfully

Wow, when I started taking Adipex, I was surprised by how quickly they worked! And, boy, was I happy with the results! I immediately realized that I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I was before.

Let me tell you, these pills made it a lot easier to eat less every day! I was the type of person who loved snacking in between meals, and I will admit that my portions were pretty big at mealtime. But, once I started taking Adipex, I discovered that I wasn’t hungry enough to even think about snacking, and I was able to control my portions with greater ease as well. Just what I needed to reduce my calorie intake!

Side note: yes, I was dieting and exercising while taking Adipex. That is what my doctor advised me to do, and I had already been following an exercise routine before starting these diet pills, so I just kept up with my routine to try to reap the most benefits from this prescription as possible.

Then the Side Effects Started

It wasn’t great for long, though, because after taking Adipex for just a few days, I started to experience its side effects. I was surprised to learn, upon doing some additional research on Adipex online, that a lot of people end up with unpleasant side effects while taking these pills. But, I was still totally bummed.

I didn’t know what to do, so I contacted my doctor, who promptly told me that I should stop taking Adipex. Then, I made another appointment to see her again and discuss my other options, all of which would be other prescriptions that came with their own set of scary side effects. No thanks!

Instead, I approached my doctor about a diet pill that I found over the counter: FENFAST 375. This is easy to take, and it gives you more energy and focus to make dieting and exercising easier. She agreed that it was a good way to go because I didn’t want to take another prescription diet product.

How’s It Going Now?

Since I start taking FENFAST 375, I’ve noticed that my energy level is much higher than it was before, so I am working out with even greater consistency and more power. I’m also finding it a lot easier to lead an active lifestyle outside of the gym. The pounds are melting away, and I’m so happy I found a viable option aside from a prescription diet pill!

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