Medifast Diet and What You Can Expect with This Meal Replacement Plan

Medifast is a low-fat, low-calorie diet plan with the company offering a meal delivery service providing you with a diet that basically meals replacement. The diet is primarily made from soy, along with various amounts of minerals and vitamins.

5 to 1 diet plan

Five of your six daily meals on this program’s adult 5 & 1 plan are their products that include 100-calorie shakes, bars, oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, puddings, soups, brownies and even cheese puffs.

6th meal

The 6th meal is one you prepare yourself and can have at any time during the day. It is a lean and green entrée you prepare – 5 to 7 ounces of lean protein such as fish, skinless chicken breast or tofu and a few servings of non-starchy vegetable such as greens, mushrooms and zucchini.

Goal weight

When you reach your goal weight, you will gradually begin adding calories over a 6-week transitional period. It is strongly encouraged that you follow a 3 x 3 plan – 3 meals plus 3 replacements indefinitely to keep off the weight. Eventually, you will move away from the replacement products and begin with a low-fat, dairy, starchy vegetables, whole grains and fruit in transition and maintenance phase – tailored to the number of calories you need to be eating each day.

Side effects

Studies have not shown any major problems with this diet. Side effects may include:

  • Leg cramps
  • Dizziness or fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Loose skin
  • Loss of hair
  • Rashes
  • Gas
  • Diarrheal
  • Bad breath
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual changes for women

Absence of risks

The absence of any apparent risks does not mean this diet is safe for everyone. If you have any medical problems, you need to talk with your primary care physician before beginning this diet. Those who should not be on this diet include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Type 1 diabetics
  • Anyone recently suffering a stroke or heart attack
  • Those with severe liver or kidney disease

One of top ten diets

This diet has been given many awards and is always in the list of the top 10 diets. But before starting any diet, it is a must that you consult with your primary care physician especially if you are being treated for any medical problems.

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