Liberty Towel Is for Elderly People in Need of This Towel and Those Who Face Lack of Mobility

A new patent is pending and as well as funding on Kickstarter for a weighted bath towel to give those who are older with limited mobility greater freedom and independence


This towel is called the Liberty Towel and is a new bath towel that is revolutionary and will help those who have problems with drying themselves after showering or bathing. Many of us know or care for a loved one who is at a point in their lives where they are having to deal with short to long term issues of mobility. This could be an older friend or relative who has rheumatoid arthritis, a stroke, Parkinson’s, MS or who just can get around due to the normal aches and pains from old age. It could also be a young person who has some sort of injury from sports, is too heavy, or is in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Most of us know someone who fights chronic pain, has problems bending over or has had recent surgery. The Liberty Towel was developed to help all these people.

Liberty Towel

The Liberty towel is a new patented weighted bath towel giving those with limited mobility more independence as well as freedom. This product was born out of a daughter’s love as well as a desire to help her mother in gaining independence after bathing. Her mother, Kay, fought Rheumatoid Arthritis and Kathleen resolute to find some way her mother to dry herself without any help. After years of testing various weights and designs, Kathleen was awarded a full US Utility Patent for this remarkable yet simple towel. Now that Kay is gone, her strong spirit and attitude that was so positive lives on through the lives she affected and the towel she helped bring to the world – the Liberty Towel.

Mobility challenges

Those who face mobility challenges that can take a great deal of independence away, but it can be most annoying during moments where you would like some privacy. The ability able to dry off after bathing is one of those times. Liberty Towel makes it easy to dry off one’s own legs, toe, feet, and back without having the bend over or strain to reach.

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