Kidney Cancer: Knowing the Warning Signs

Cancer symptoms tend to vary. Oftentimes, symptoms would vary depending on the specific part of the body which a tumour has affected. If you have been experiencing pain in your side, there is a chance that you may be at risk of having kidney cancer.

According to the NHS, kidney cancer is one of the UK’s most common cancers. Also referred to as renal cancer, the disease is often diagnosed in individuals that are aged around the 60 to 70 bracket.

The problem with this type of cancer though so that it is often very hard to pick up. Known for having elusive symptoms, most of the cases where it has been identified were during routine steps. It is easy to a mistake many of its symptoms as a different condition. This is why it is important to always be observant at all times to ensure that the condition is diagnosed at a much earlier stage.

The key to kidney cancer, as well as with other types of cancer, is to always catch it at its early stage. The cancer is curable as long as the right intervention is taken when a tumour has not yet escalated.

On this note, Dr Kaine Jerome Ikueke advises seeing a GP the moment that you feel a painful sensation along your side. There have been many instances when this is actually an early warning that kidney cancer may be present. The pain on the side may be due to the growth of a tumour on the kidney.

According to the NHS, most of those that have been diagnosed with cancer never really experienced any noticeable symptoms at first. As a result, the cancer is only really picked up when people were undergoing some tests for other reasons. For those that do experience some symptoms, it is quite common to experience a pain on the side, below the ribs or in the lower back. It is a persistent pain too.

People are advised to see a GP if they believe that they are experiencing the symptoms of kidney cancer. While most of the time, it is very unlikely that they have it, it does not hurt to get the symptom checked first in order to eliminate the possibility. According to the Macmillan Cancer Support, the pain can also be described as a dull one in the side. It usually occurs between the back and the upper abdomen.

Finding droplets of blood in the urine is a common symptom of cancer. The kidneys act as a filter to the blood that passes through and is responsible for removing waste products that are then converted to urine. A patient may also be at risk of the condition if his urine appears to be darker or if it has a reddish hue. A swelling or lump in the side is also a sign of kidney cancer.

When dealing with kidney cancer, it is important to seek the help of the right professionals. Refer to your GP if you believe that you may have the condition. Learn more about how to better identify the warning signs of kidney cancer by reading about Dr Kaine Ikwueke online.

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