How to Prevent and Treat Lower Back Pain

“Back Pain” is one of the most common issues in the people of every age group. A huge number of people are suffering from the back pain issues. There are several reasons behind this like sitting for long hours on the chair. The people, who are indulged into the 9-6 jobs, are suffering from the back pain or if they are not suffering then they are at greater risk of developing the issues of back pain. According to a survey, it was proved that a huge number of people who miss the office for the reason being the lower back pain. This is the 2nd topmost issue after a headache in all over the world.

Sometimes the pain gets corrected on its own while sometimes, it takes only 2-4 weeks of medication to get it treated. The back pain is basically of 2 types i.e., acute back pain and chronic back pain.

Acute back pain

The pain in the back, which lasts for 15 days to one month, is the cases of acute back pain. In this type, the back pain is so severe and sometimes, unbearable.

Chronic back pain

This type of pain lasts for 6 months or more than 6 months. This type of pain is not sharp. In this, the patient suffers from mild to moderate pain intermittently.

According to some studies, a minimum of 60{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} people suffers from the chronic lower back pain while 30-40{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} people suffer from acute back pain.

How the back pain occurs

So as to stabilize the spine, there are certain muscles present in the back of the body. These muscles work independently but when the spine suffers from any injury, the function of these muscles get altered or inhibited. Once the function of these muscles gets inhibited, these muscles will surely not going to give relax to the person anymore. The inhibition of these muscles is the reason for the back pain.

How to diagnose and treat the back pain

Go to the medical practitioner and he/she will do some diagnostic tests to check the fault and after these tests, one can confirm the reason for the back pain. Always go to the certified health practitioner who can best diagnose and do the possible treatment.

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