Growing Prominence of Bangalore

In Hair Transplant Surgery

Looking at the growing trend, especially among men, regarding hair restoration is overwhelming. Millions of people all over the world see hair transplant as a boon that helps them overcome their baldness.

This procedure is available in most of the countries, but some countries are more preferred than others when it comes to hair transplant procedure.

Like, India is one of the countries that has gained great prominence in this procedure and is counted among the best. India is a vast country and some places are better than others in this procedure and you can get amazing results by having a hair transplant in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Apart from world-class treatment with positive results you can get this procedure done at very affordable prices. Among all the places, hair transplant cost in Bangalore is the most economical due to which it has one of the highest ratios of people opting for this treatment there.

The secret behind Bangalore’s popularity

You must be surely wondering why Bangalore is better than others for hair transplant.

To put your doubts to rest, listed below are some of the factors that have propelled Bangalore to the top position.

  • The most important being, Bangalore has emerged as a top destination where medical treatments are concerned. It has highly experienced and dedicated doctors who are providing hair restoration procedures with outstanding results.

  • In addition, Bangalore is a leader when it comes to technology and technique. And it holds true when talking about the latest techniques regarding hair transplant.

  • The doctors here use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is the most advanced technology when it comes to hair restoration procedure. Of course, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is also available but nowadays most people prefer FUE as it is a minimally invasive procedure that does not leave behind ugly scars and you do not need any stitches.

  • Bangalore is a city buzzing with IT professionals and people working with multi-national companies. These professionals are under constant pressure to deliver the best at the same time they feel they have to look good as it will give them the extra edge in their personality and boost their confidence.

  • Another crucial factor is the reasonable cost for hair transplant. Bangalore has several clinics providing hair transplant due to which there is severe competition between them. Because of this, they provide the patients with better treatment options and lesser surgery cost.

Is hair transplantation a good option for hair restoration?

Obviously, most of you must have tried all the alternative options before zeroing in on hair transplantation. Initially, when you start losing your hair you tend to try all the home remedies to overcome this issue and visit the doctor if it still persists.

Even, the doctors will prescribe over the counter medication like Rogaine and pills to stop hair loss. Many of you must have also tried Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy where your own blood plasma is injected into your scalp to promote hair growth as it contains active growth factors.

If nothing works then the last option is hair transplant. This procedure gives long lasting permanent results and is very low-maintenance. After the cost of the surgery and the medications that have to be taken for a few days, there is no other hidden cost. You will see the final results within 7 to 9 months of the surgery.

The hair will grow for the rest of your life as they have been taken from the area that is genetically resistant to hair loss and you can groom and cut this hair like you normally do.

Does hair transplant hurt?

Well, this is a minor out-patient procedure usually done at the doctor’s clinic. Before starting the surgery, local anesthesia is provided to the patient so that they do not feel any pain. Sometimes, if the patients want them, they are also sedated.

While the surgery is in progression, the patient watches movies, listen to music or reads. With this, you can gauge for yourselves that the patient is not feeling any pain.

Even after the surgery is completed the patient does not feel any severe pain. But the doctor always prescribes painkillers in case you might need them.

On the whole, hair transplant is relatively a safe procedure with minor side-effects that clear-up within a couple of weeks.

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