Feedback on Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is a company that produces electronic cigarettes, offering them at affordable prices and a high-end quality of products. They offer a decent variety of products that can cover your needs no matter what kind of a vapour you may be. The brand is created in 2015 and it its popularity hasn’t stopped to grow since then. Regardless of the time when you started to vape this brand offers a great electronic cigarette option that you can choose from.

About Direct Vapor

The headquarters are in Florida, Miami Lakes. This brand is considered as one that is growing the fastest in the world of e-cigs. The company is offering leading e-liquids, vaping brands, and accessories. For premium users, they are offering advanced technologies. Tons of mechanical mods and temperature controls are available for usage, along with good batteries and accessories, but also simple kits for starters.

Quality of products

There is a reason why this brand became a really popular one for a short amount of time. The most important factor that this company managed to do is to offer a high-end quality of the product without raising the price too much.

After a lot of tests, it is concluded that even the equipment is fairly priced. It will not fall apart or stop working after just a couple of weeks of usage. Instead, you will be able to save some money, but also get a great quality product that will improve the experience from vaping. This resulted in the loyal customers and how Direct Vapor managed to grow so fast.

Another positive thing is that the company has a variety of goods that they are offering. If you go to their website, you will be able to scroll through pages of products and make the decision to pick the ones that will please your vaping needs.

Customer opinions

Direct Vapor has earned a lot of attention from the customers, but also their respect. The fact is that it is a rare thing to find a vaping company that offers fair prices without some problems underneath. According to the customers, this company is very dedicated to providing good experience and equipment without having to charge an absurd amount of money. Lead vaping manufacturers and brands helped the company to make this available to the customers. This way, the company earned a loyal customer following and managed to keep a decent cash flow.

Customer experience

Customers report that after the first purchase they were pleased with the quality of the products and that they wanted to stick with the e-liquid selection. The process of buying is based on a free shipping system, good customer support, and an organized website. The customers also report that every single order from the company was satisfying and went smoothly and also that the quality of the products never had to be questioned.

Performance of the battery

By far, the most important component of an e-cigarette is a battery because it is a foundation of the vaping process itself. The battery is essential when it comes to changing how hard vape hits the throat and how long device lasts, but also, it is a fact that if you have a good battery, your vape will also be better.

It offers a decent variety of batteries that serve different purposes. The standard 650 mAh battery has a simple design and it comes in different colours and a button that you can use to change voltages. The voltage range is from 3.2 to 4.8V, and it is surprisingly functional.

People that are looking for a battery that will last longer have an option of picking 3500 mAh battery. The discharge rate is 10 Amps. This will provide a long-lasting battery without having to waste too much on power. Depending on how much you are using it, the battery can last up to two days without having to be replaced.


Direct Vapor is a retailer that is offering fairly low prices if you compare them to the competitors. Customers quickly become loyal and are generally pleased with the products. The company is offering started packages, but also unique special items and accessories. As the market grows, there will be more customers and responsibilities to handle, but great service can be expected.

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