Want To Learn To Work with Extensions Making Eyes Longer, Thicker and Natural

There are classes that will teach you “Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions Course” and were created to teach individuals the popular method, used by most, to improve the eyes with extensions to give that look of thicker, longer, natural lashes. You will also learn to apply as well as remove extensions. You will also learn exactually how to familiarize this process of application to every client’s diverse eye-shape, for the particularly wanted effect. Throughout this training you will carry out what you are learning on a ‘professional training mannequin head’ which lets you to take the time you need to learn the skills and practice working on your technique.

The course

You will take eyelash extensions training coursedesigned for one day and goes from 10 am to 4 pm. Each student is asked to arrive at 9:45 am to make certain there is a prompt start right at 10. You will be taught first, about the treatment theory, and then spend the rest of the day practising your skills, with short break to eat lunch. You practice time is done working on a “‘professional mannequin training head” giving you all the time during the class to work upon learning as well as developing the needed technique. There is no need to remove any lash extensions or make up before attending the class.

Russian Volume Lashes

If you want to learn the “Russian Volume Lash technique”, you might need to look at booking the “Quick Start Eyelash Specialist training package”, which allows you to learn both the “classic individual lash extensions” and the “Russian volume lashes”. You can save on the course fees when booking the Package for Quick Start.

No kits included

You will not be given any kits with the training, but they do provide all products and tools necessary to complete the training during the day, at the centre for you to use. They take this approach after feedback from student, so that students are not tied down to specific brands or kits as part of the course fee, since they are not trained or able to make a choice that is informed. The training courses teach generic treatment processed and techniques, they are not specific to any brand.


They recommend attending the training where you gain advice about various brands and suppliers to let you purchase products from the supplier directly after your training. They do offer selected starter kits that are available to buy through their website and supplied right from the supplier to you.

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