Downside to Marketing on Instagram and How to Change Them

Insights into Instagram can help you learn more about followers and the individuals interacting with your business on Instagram. By knowing more, it will also help you better use Instagram in your marketing plans especially for the Millennia members.


You can gain insights into genders, age ranges as well as location. You learn more also by reading posts and stories that your audience sees and engages with the most. Knowing reach, accounts reach, impressions and impressions for each day reflects both paid as well as organic activity.


What does “bodyshapeready” mean – is it a username or something different? You need to learn all you can about Instagram before using it in a marketing plan. Here in bodyshapeready, is not a person but a group of those going to the gym for using weights and reshaping their body. So, if you sell gym memberships or food that is good for those who are bodybuilding, you know where to target your information.

Confuse you

Are you confused by social media places such as Instagram? Some media sites can confuse you especially if you come from Facebook – so you thoroughly need to understand every media place for it to be able to help with your business.


It has been an Instagram strategy for a friend of mine to market with multiple accounts on Instagram. This gives him multiple links for customers to click on as anupside to marketing on Instagram – you only have one clickable URL link that can be used on Instagram posts and that is your bio/profile link. So, turn a downside into an upside by using more accounts, the more bio/profile links. The challenge then becomes how to get anyone to click to your link and site. So, when you found the account for “bodyshapeready”, you hit the jackpot for what you are marketing.

Accounts for product

You could also set up an account in Instagram for each specific product and name the account with the name of that product. This means more links to your products to those accounts that would use your product – the better your marketing on Instagram and the better your sales.

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