Dogs and Pets with Glaucoma

The fluid flowing into and out of the eye helps to regulate eye pressure. If there is an imbalance with either too much produced, or too little drained, the condition is known as glaucoma. Pressure increases and that can damage the retina and the optic nerve. It is painful and can lead to blindness over time.

It is a condition suffered by humans and animals. Your pets are dependent on you to recognize that they have a problem. That is not always easy and glaucoma can become well-established in your pet’s eye or eyes before you discover anything is wrong.

While it will start in one eye, it is likely to spread to the second if ignored. You may observe that your pet’s pupils are a different size and your pet may try to rub with a paw or against floor or post. The eye may become red and you may see your pet squinting. There will be a loss of appetite and your dog may begin to behave irritably due to the pain.

Primary Glaucoma sees an abnormal fluid flow rate but Secondary is more common; a blockage or some other cause slowing the flow rate. Primary is more common in some breeds than others, appearing typically at around 2 years old. Secondary results from an infection and you should see a vet as soon as you are aware of any problem. Eye pressure can be tested very effectively and treatment will depend on the seriousness of the case. It will include pain relief, removal of any tumors, antibiotics as well as urgent action to prevent spread to the second eye. Drops and ointments can be used.

Surgery is inevitably invasive and not always successful. It may be the only solution if matters have gone too far. The alternatives from the start are surgery as already mentioned, laser treatment or different forms of medication. Eye drops in the early stages, or even as a preventative application before any signs emerges is certainly the cheapest way to maintain your dog’s eye health.

You can apply quality eye drops yourself although you should be sure to follow the instructions precisely and not become complacent in how frequently you apply them to your pet. Those instructions have been proven to be the best treatment procedure. Some eye conditions never go past the stage of being painful and irritating. In the case of glaucoma, the consequences ultimately can be blindness. The quality of life that your pet will have if that happens does not bear thinking about, does it?

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