Digital Technology: Understanding its Influence in Modern Healthcare

With digital technology being an all-present fixture in everybody’s lives these days, it makes sense to take advantage of it and use it in healthcare delivery. Technology-enabled care or connected health is a collective term that refers to telehealth, telecare, digital health, telemedicine, and other eHealth services. It involves joining together digital media, technology, and mobile devices. It is increasingly regarded as becoming an integral means to resolve the issues and challenges that presently plague the social, wellness, and health sectors where integration of care is very much wanting.

Globally, there still seems to be regulatory and cultural barriers that prevent the full adoption of connected health. The extent of this largely depends on countries. Still, it is worth knowing that technology is fast becoming less costly and more capable. This means that soon enough financial costs will no longer be one of the considered barriers to fully implement this idea.

Tackling the healthcare demand

In the UK and many other countries around the world, healthcare challenges are even more increased due to the presence of population growth, a prevalence of more chronic conditions, and increased life longevity. In Britain alone, more than a fourth of the population suffer from long-term conditions. There is also an increasing number of those that suffer from multiple health conditions.

People with multiple conditions and with long-term ones tend to take a lot of the healthcare budget- something that the government is still working on to fully address. Therefore, it is necessary to address the difficulties connected to a constrained budget and at the same time, resolve the rising costs involved in advanced medical treatments. It is also necessary to address the increasing costs and complexity involved in delivering to an aging population, along with the increase in the demand and expectations of patients for health care that is not only patient-centered but of better quality too.

The benefits of connected health

A growing body of research shows support of the benefits that connected health care can extend to all these healthcare needs. It is of particular note that technology today is digitally and mobile enabled. This means that harnessing this technology in relation to addressing health care needs might bring about a reduction in the costs involved, an increase in healthcare access, and also an improvement of the outcomes.

Technology has the power and the reach to improve healthcare access and to overcome the geographical distances that most often keep a lot of people from getting the care and assistance that they need. At the same time, it may also be harnessed to provide not only a convenient approach to healthcare, but also a more versatile, effective, faster, and personalized approach.

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