Choosing a Family Doctor is a lifetime investment

Your healthcare providers and family physician are possibly some of the most important professionals in your life. It’s not sufficient to just pick a doctor from a list at random.

There are quite a few factors that can help you prioritize your decision when it comes to choosing a physician, after all, investing in healthcare is a lifetime investment.

Insurance Coverage

It’s important to see that the doctor you’re looking into is covered by your insurance.

Medical and healthcare services can be quite costly, and insurance is a great way to have your back covered when it comes to finances.


It’s important to find a family physician nearby. On days when you’re sick and unable to make a long journey to see your doctor, it’s vital to have a physician close by for quick access.

In fact, a study found out that patients felt greater burden if the distance between their primary care or family physician increased.

Good Communication Skills

Because individuals are the most vulnerable when visiting a doctor, it’s essential to seek a physician who has good communication skills.

Your doctor should be a good listener, shouldn’t make you feel rushed and should cooperate with you on your treatment plans. Being a good doctor doesn’t mean they’re a nice doctor.

Look For Referrals

Check out online resources and consider friends’ testimonials when searching for a family physician.

In this way, you’ll get an idea of what your doctor has to offer and whether you’d like to go with your decision or not.

Your Own Comfort

Patients need to feel secure when opening up to a doctor; for example, a Harvard study found out that older patients feel more comfortable with female physicians.

Are you comfortable speaking to a physician of a certain gender or a certain age? What area of expertise do you want your doctor to have?

Their Experience

Any doctor or family physician is expected to have a good amount of experience that can be trusted.

To make sure that your doctor can handle your medical needs, do thorough research on their education, career, and experiences.

Their Availability

Doctors can be really busy. When it comes to primary or familial healthcare, it’s best to find a doctor who’s not booked for days at a time.

Because you will frequent your family physician a few times, it’s best to find a doctor who has a good schedule – it’s also quite telling of how invested they’ll be in their patients; a busy doctor doesn’t have time for niceties and explanations!

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