Chiropractic Care for Stress Relief

I’ve been seeing a back pain specialist for many decades now. I didn’t go to the chiropractor initially for my stress issues as I had yet to make the connection. My initial visit was brought on by a spinal injury I suffered in an accident. Besides helping me recover from my injuries, she has also introduced me to other chiropractic methods that can be used to help with severe stress conditions like those I suffer from. Now I am not suggesting that you visit a Texas chiropractor to relieve yourself of stress or panic attacks, and I’m definitely not saying it’s a cure-all solution for these ailments. I do believe however, some of the lessons she has taught me are worth sharing.

My physician made it clear that my recovery timeline could be improved with special chiropractic treatments assisting us along with the physical rehab I was taking part in. For example pain from the accident or poor alignment can cause irritation, create stressful situations, cause nervousness, and aggravation. Relieving yourself of those unnecessary emotional trigger points makes sense. If you can free yourself of those stressful irritations by eliminating the discomfort in your back then it’s a winning situation.

The weekly visits became something I looked forward to, in addition to everything else she was doing for me it seemed to be clearing up the headaches, and I assume part of that had to do with the tension relief I was feeling from the adjustments. We also covered in detail various exercises to aid with my chiropractic care. She is a firm believer in the ongoing treatment of the pain points even when at home. This can be accomplished with simple stretching techniques and activity to keep blood flowing, and the body stretched properly. You must be proactive in your own healing efforts to improve recovery time and get back on your feet. The shift in mindset for anyone trying to accomplish something can be an advantage that takes you to where you need to be. Also, by incorporating proper dieting plans with your physical efforts you will see results you would have never dreamed of. Finding an online nutrition coach to assist with creating a meal plan can be beneficial as well.

I realize this advice may seem like common sense, but I think sometimes people that suffer from high stress and panic disorders may overlook the benefits of chiropractic care when dealing with these ailments. I think that it’s easy to get off course and overlook the basic principles like caring for your body with proper diet and exercise while being proactive about your health and weight loss goals which may be a massive boost for your own wellbeing.

All this info was shared with me by a Chiropractor. Diet, weight loss, stress relief, tension relief, and more. It all makes sense now, but prior to our meetings, I had only thought of a Chiropractor as a back adjustment specialist and really nothing more.

Here Are A Few Simple Solutions For Countering Stress:

  • Running
  • Breathing/meditation exercises to relax your body
  • Improving your own mind with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Working out to reverse your anxiety can improve your physiology

While combining exercise with chiropractic care can improve recovery times, it should be noted that it can also play a major role in stress relief as mentioned above. This can be a very powerful combination of recovery tools for anyone in need. These methods, when applied in tandem, should be done consistently for optimal results. You need to stay consistent with the stretching and exercise to promote true stress relief and aid in recovery.

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