Brazilian Butt Lift vs Butt Implants

In the present time, you would have noticed that everyone wants to get their butt enhanced. The trend has been up all over the place. Especially when you run your eyes through the internet you would notice famous celebs such as the Jennifer Lopez or even the Kardashians’, everyone’s into the trend of getting their buttocks enhanced.

Buttock Implant seems to be the new pop culture and being widespread these days amongst women.

Basically, buttock or Butt Implants is known to be a silicone implant which is placed strategically to add volume to the butt. It could either be oval or around one when it comes to selecting the shape. Also, the surface on which it would be featured would either be textured or smooth, depending on the preference of the customer. Again it’s quite alike breast enhancement. Solid silicone is one of the most common kinds of butt enhancements done. This is quite a durable substance. It will be able to resist all kinds of shock, rapture, spilling or even deflating. When it comes to getting one’s butt implanted, durability is one factor which is highly crucial. When one is lying down or sitting a lot of pressure is placed on the butt. Hence, every factor must be carefully considered. Also, the work should be done by professionals alone.


If a patient has a lot of fat stored on her body, she could also opt for the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This is quite a safe and great way to get your butt implanted again. This is known to be a process where the fat transfer takes place. Here the patient’s fat is used in the required area which needs to get enhanced. The surgeon can get the fat from the thigh area, or the back, abdomen or even the flank area through the help of the cannula in a liposuction process. However, at first the fat particles are properly purified and then it gets injected into the muscle and fatty layers of the body which would, in turn, add to the desired volume.

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