Be In Your Best Form with the Metabolic Aftershock

Being fit is one of the ultimate goals of many people. A fit body is not just a confidence booster but also keeps you healthy and strong. In fact, it defies aging. If you are fit and healthy, you will look a fraction of your age. There are many forms of health and fitness routines, but one particular fitness routine that is extremely popular today is the metabolic aftershock.

What is a metabolic aftershock?

It is a nine-week fitness program that includes dieting and exercising. The person behind metabolic aftershock is Dr. Jade Teta, a physician of integrative medicine, personal trainer, and an author. In this metabolic aftershock review, we are going to discuss the advantages of metabolic aftershock and why should you choose it over other fitness programs.

A metabolic aftershock is a high-intensity interval training program consists of a 45-second interval for 15-minutes of training. To hasten the result, you have to perform this exercise routine three times a week.

The benefits of a metabolic aftershock are as follows:

  • It reboots the metabolism of the body so that you will be burning more fat every single day.
  • It recharges and reprograms the body.
  • It increases the fat burning ability during the exercise routine.
  • After working out, the stored fats in the body will be used to generate energy.
  • It burns the bulk of the calories after working out.
  • It is a better alternative to aerobic exercise.
  • It brightens your mood and makes you feel younger than your actual age.

 How does it work?

  • Phase 1 – Get the muscles and nerves working in synergy.

  • Phase 2 – Light the fire. It is the phase where the metabolic activity of the body is switch on and will expose you to advanced metabolic training technique. It is where the fat burning process takes place.

  • Phase 3 – It used a technique called metabolic chains. In this phase, you are going to be burning fat at a frantic rate. It is a metabolic conditioning at its finest. By the end of phase 3, your body will function at a different rate.

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