Your Clothes And Self Tanner: What You Need To Know

Upon the application of your sun tanning lotion, you have to know how much time you have to wait before you shower and get dressed. There are many misconceptions about using a self-tanner so it’s important that you know the actual facts so there’s no waste of time on your part.

Letting the product dry out is very important. That’s why you hear people waiting 10 minutes. However, this isn’t always the case when it comes to getting dressed right after the application of a self-tanner. Below are the things that you should know about when it comes to self-tanning.

Bring Only Loose Clothing

Tight clothing can wipe the self-tanning lotion that you have just applied. This means that there will be smears on your body even if you let the sun tanning lotion dry for 10 minutes or more. There are also certain materials of clothing that appear to be harsher than others.

Depending on how harsh the material of the clothing is, you might also experience that the stain is tough to remove. When it comes to clothing, don’t rush yourself. You might end up with an imbalanced tan and some stained clothes for your troubles. If possible, try to avoid skin-hugging clothing for a long while to let the self-tanning lotion do its work.

Take a Look at the Ingredients

Every now and then, you’ll notice that there are complaints about the self-tanning lotion they use isn’t as efficient as they had hoped it to be. This is going to be the case for you as well if you are trying it out for the first time.

That’s why it’s important that you have a look at the formula of the sun tanning lotion. Make sure that you take note of the things that you see because this will allow you to actively avoid using that product later on. Different people have different skin types.

Another important reason that is an important factor when looking at the ingredients is how they will react to the clothing that you wear. Some may experience skin irritation if the contact between their skin and the clothing that they wear is extended. Make sure that you always have baby powder with you as well.

Reduce Sweating with Baby Powder

Sweating with sun tanning lotion all over your body is incredibly annoying. The sensation, the look, and the smell can all be unbearable if you are trying to get through with your day with the self-tanning lotion on. There are other areas where you can apply the lotion but don’t because you’re afraid of sweating there.

Fortunately, you can reduce the annoyance of sweating by bringing baby powder with you. Even a light amount of baby powder under your arms and between the creases of your skin can help in preventing that itchy feeling that you get because you are not going to sweat as much as you would without the powder.

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