What psychedelics found in the Amazonian jungle really do to your brain

Since the psychotropic ayahuasca brew originating in the Amazon rainforests and used as tribal healing agent for centuries has found its way in the medical mainstream, a lot of scientific surveys are being done to determine the amazing positive effects. The DMT, psilocybin, and MDMA are some of the psychoactive agents inside this healing drink which help to cope and to reduce with various mental illnesses.

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These drugs can really take you for an emotional and mind-blowing roller coaster ride which strongly connects you to your real forgotten self in liaison with the spirit and natural world. The shaman or the healer acts as the mediator between the natural and the spirit world to help out his patients. The studies have shown that ayahuasca, MDMA, psilocybin, and DMT have a tremendous impact on the neural cells of the brain. It has a sense of vivid daydreaming but the only difference is that your eyes remain open so your visions are very vivid. These drugs can be very useful for the people who are resistant to treatment particularly in the case of depressions. Clinical depression is something that cannot be cured and in most cases, these drugs come in really handy in bringing out the hidden cause of depressions. As per AsapASCIENCE,  these psychedelics are extremely useful in curing mental illnesses or at least reducing the symptoms as each of them has a unique property. As far as DMT is concerned, it originates in the human lungs and sometimes in the pineal gland. If it is taken in with ayahuasca it can have a lasting effect. However, if you take in DMT with just injection or tobacco, the euphoria lasts for a few minutes.

Conclusive summary

The research shows the overall benefits of these mind healing drugs, although taken in abundance or without proper monitoring it can be extremely dangerous and harmful. It is of imperative importance to monitor your health condition before opting for ayahuasca therapy. The people who have underlying health issues like weak heart comorbidities or are on medication should analyze carefully before having these medications. The shamans are experienced enough to take care of you and provide you with counselors also if necessary. So, all the priorities in the “traditional” ayahuasca ceremony should be observed in an appropriate manner for a successful conclusion.

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