What Are The Potential Uses of Phenylpiracetam

An example of a nootropic or the smart drug is Phenylpiracetam. It is known for its cognitive enhancing capabilities that boost a person’s brain power and increase their motivation, and also enhance a person’s physical strength without the worry of addiction and dependency. The effects of 77472-70-9 are so impressive that it has officially been banned by the Olympics, but there are still many people who swear by the use of this nootropic.

Here are some of the best uses for this drug and the recommended dosage to get the best that it offers without the fear of unhealthy side-effects:

Improving General Brain Function

After just one month of using the drug, subjects who were dealing with brain disease like encephalopathy showed an improvement in their cognitive capabilities. The same results were noted on patients who have suffered from a stroke.

Improving Memory

The nootropic increases the overall number of functioning dopamine receptors on the brain of test subjects that were showing signs of memory loss. The result after using Phenylpiracetam showed that their recall capability and memory was significantly improved. This gives people with memory problems or they find that their brain can no longer retain certain information a hope that they will not lose their precious memories and cognitive abilities soon.

May Help In Treating Depression And Anxiety

More and more patients are diagnosed with some form of depression and anxiety that the typical mood enhancing drugs can no longer treat. With the proper use of Phenylpiracetam,77472-70-9 as part of their treatment, the symptoms of depression and anxiety are greatly reduced. The likelihood of success improves with time because during a trial, it was seen that the use of the drug was not effective during a 4 to 8 week treatment period, but within 12 weeks anxiety was reduced.

The calming effect of the drug can be traced to its ability to increase the GABA receptors which are the same receptors that interact with the run of the mill anti-anxiety medication.

Epilepsy Treatment

The sudden surge in brain electrical impulses is what causes an epileptic episode. Due to the influx of electricity, the communication between the brain cells is interrupted resulting in a seizure. The nootropic works by improving the communication between brain cells which reduces epileptic seizures, even for patients with brain trauma.

Importance Of Correct Use And Dosage

When it comes to using the drug as a supplement to treat different cognitive issues or to enhance one’s physical capability it is best to start taking small doses between 100 to 200 mg up to 3 times a day. It can take a while for the body to adjust when the drug is introduced so it is highly important to take it slow.

The drug will remain in the bloodstream for 3 – 5 hours after it has been initially taken so proceed with caution during the next dosage. A tolerance can quickly develop when it is taken too fast and should only be used as an enhancer periodically and never as a part of your daily diet.

Phenylpiracetam,77472-70-9 has a lot of potential uses. If you are looking for a good supplier of this drug, contact Aasraw Biochemical Technology today.

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