What are Causes of Obesity Problem In Singapore?

There are thousands of people who want to know that cause of obesity problem but do anyone knows how it begins and what exactly it is? Well, very few pay attention this vital factor but if you are reading this post then you are sure to get acknowledged about few major causes and beginning of obesity. Let’s know that what obesity is.

Simply it’s a condition a person get overweight than he/she should be and has the extra body fat than usual. It is majored by BMI which stand for Body Mass Index and it can be calculated by dividing the weight by height. The unit used to measure weight is Kilogram and Height is Metter squared. Having a BMI of 25 to 29 means a person is overweight and more than this means obese.

Various life-threatening diseases can occur at this stage and the common issue is diabetes, heart diseases, and many more. Cancer and stroke chances also increase with obesity. Check out the causes of obesity problem in Singapore and learn to get rid of it. We are here to guide you through basics to help out.


There are many reasons which can make someone gain too much weight and the major ones are down below –

  • Genetics play a vital role and it is the main component. Obese parents mainly have the obese child.
  • Improper eating is also the common reason among people who eat too much at late nights and child also gets the same habits.
  • Hyper plated is one of the common reason behind this issue and you can easily find some of the fast-food corner services such food.
  • The food addiction is one major reason where some people eat most time without caring about the fact that they ate too much.
  • TV is also playing a big role by showing ads of food and they use tasty species and things which make the food tasty and addictive, not healthy.

These are some of the common reason you can find and eating oily stuff is also a reason behind this thing. But, obesity has a solution which can take time person to person.


The solution for fat loss is same for obesity and some of fat burner products can help too but stay selective in approach. Try out some of the natural methods first and the common method are given below –

  • It is time to leave the lazy attitude and being active. Always try to move more, sit less. Walking is one of the greatest activities.
  • Don’t eat too much and always take food after a proper interval of time instead of keep earing all day.
  • Wake up early in morning and sleep early in the night so you don’t eat in the night time. Eat 3 hours before going to sleep.
  • Always take a walk after eating because you can digest the food easily and it is a good habit to adopt.

These are some effective methods to get rid of the causes of the obesity problem in Singapore and you can rely on these.

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