Weight Training Myths For Women

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m going to tell you something that will change your body and make you wonder how you went so long without knowing this. It’s something that is so simple yet overlooked by most women. Are you ready? Ok, here it is.

Weight training is your key to a better body!!

That’s it you ask? Come on! Yep, that’s it. But that one statement is enough to put you down the path to re-shaping and improving your body and your health.

I have been involved in fitness and weight training for about 15 years now. In that time I have pretty much seen and heard it all and to this day I still can’t believe how little people know about weight training. Certain myths and fallacies never seem to escape the weight room. I have heard it all:

“I don’t want to get too big”

“I heard protein powder will make me huge”

“I don’t want to lift too heavy”

“Will I look like a female bodybuilder if I do that?”

You get the picture I’m sure. It seems you can tell most females all day long that they will NOT get bigger lifting weights and they are still afraid. Well, let’s dispel this myth right now and take a step in the right direction.

Myth: I don’t want to get too big

This is the one I hear every day. No matter what, every day I hear this. Let me put your mind at ease by saying the following isn’t gonna happen. Heres why.

Muscle being built is controlled by many hormonal and metabolic processes in the body. In short, you workout, break down tissue and as an adaptive measure, your body rebuilds bigger and stronger. Simple huh.

However, women WILL NOT build muscle that easily for 1 reason. TESTOSTERONE. It’s not a bad word, just a misunderstood one. Women have 1/20 the testosterone of men, therefore no matter what they do they will not build muscle the way a man does working out. If you workout hard and lift as heavily as possible you will only harden your body (sound good to you?) There are some genetic freaky females who build muscle easier, however, this is very rare (like 1 in 100 000). So don’t worry about getting too big and hit the weights!

Ok so now that you know you will not become a man overnight by lifting weights, what other benefits does it offer?

Harder Body:

Well, to start it seems most women want a harder toned body. Let me ask you a question. How many long-distance runners or cardio instructors do you know that have lean tight muscles? I bet not very many. Leanness is determined by body fat levels, but if you have no muscle then you will just look skinny fat. Weight training will harden those muscles and make everything stay in place the way it should.

Problem areas like Triceps (back of the arms), butt, hips, waist ALL can be treated and improved with some form of weight training.

Increase Fat Loss:

When you do a cardio session it does burn calories. That’s obvious. However about an hour after you finish your cardio session the increase in calorie burning stops and your body returns to normal. Want a powerful way to rev up your metabolism? Put on 5lbs of muscle. Having 5lbs more muscle will help you burn off about 200 calories more a day DOING NOTHING. Ask your doctor the key to metabolism is muscle; this is the calorie burning furnace.

Increase Bone Density:

As we age our bones get weaker, this is normal. However, it’s somewhat preventable. Women more so than men have problems with bone density as they age. Most doctors tell you to take more calcium in your diet, but unfortunately, this will not help. The US consumes more calcium than any other country yet they are one of the worst for calcium deficiencies.

If you life weights your bones will become stronger, denser and more efficient at using calcium to increase bone density. Not matter your age, its not too late to start a weight training program and the benefits are immediate.

Self Confidence:

I’m not going to give a pop psychology speech here on how to feel better, but I can assure you when you start lifting weights you will become more confidant. Maybe its the production of hormones, maybe its the stress relief, and maybe its something I dont know. But I can assure you that when you start a weight training program you will feel like a different person.

If this article is not enough to convince you to start a weight training program I don’t know what will.

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