When should you visit a dentist?

Teeth problems can affect your health very much. Good oral hygiene is very necessary for a healthy body. Teeth problems can also be a sign of any other diseases that might be in the initial stage. Often we ignore bad breathe, minor pain in gums and sensitivity; but it is advised to visit dentist once in 3-4 months. It would be beneficial to keep a check on your oral health.

Other reasons when you should visit a dentist immediately, are –

Sharp pain and swelling – Any minor or sharp pain in your gums or teeth can be a sign of plague or cavity. Tooth decay can be another reason for this. Swelled gums can be a sign of periodontitis or gingivitis. A dentist will give you anesthesia to relieve the pain and then carry out any treatment that will cure the problem or reverse the action. A decaying tooth might have to be removed to prevent further damage.

Change in structure – Examining your teeth and gums on a daily basis will help you in monitoring the structure of your mouth. If you see any lumps, discoloration or any weird changes, visiting a dentist would make you aware of your problem.

Dry mouth – Some medications can lead to dry mouth. However, if you are not taking any medicines, then it might be a sign for another serious health condition. A dentist will recognize the problem if it would be an oral problem by doing some tests else, he/she might recommend to another doctor if the problem can’t be spotted.

Sensitivity – If you are not able to put even mildly hot or cold things in your mouth, you might be having sensitivity problems. The cause can be the corrosion of the teeth enamel and the exposure of the root results in sensitive teeth and gums. The doctor would fill the roots and prevent this problem.

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