The Ultimate DIY Botox Injection Guide

Botox and fillers are two common treatments used by women who want to reverse time without necessarily going the cosmetic surgery route. However, just a single shot of Botox can set you back at approximately $300. Since you need a series of treatments to see real change, it can be a rather expensive affair.

The best solution is to go DIY. That’s right; it is commonplace now to find women who have taken charge of their Botox injection treatments and are doing a good job at it.

However, as you might have guessed, you need to exercise caution here. You are injecting a neurotoxin to your skin, so even if you aren’t too concerned about a botched treatment, think safety. You could potentially harm your body by trying to “look pretty and youthful”

To help prevent this, we’ve put together a succinct DIY Botox guide.

1. Understand How To Do A Proper Injection

Many things can go wrong during your DIY Botox treatment. For starters, if you don’t properly inject the toxin in the appropriate place, you could potentially paralyze your muscles and end up with droopy eyebrow, eyelids or worse, cause a string of eyesight issues.  Furthermore, if you are administering Botox on other areas of your face, you risk impairing your speech or making swallowing difficult. Death has also been reported from wrong Botox applications in the past.

To avoid these risks, get all the facts right before the treatment. Consult your medical practitioner if need be. Learn the right techniques to avoid ptosis. Know the right dose that will keep you safe. Seek to know just how many treatments you need. In short, pump up on research until all your fears and concerns have been completely eliminated.

2. Don’t just buy Botox

A simple Google search of Botox will land you in a cesspool of sellers, retailers, and manufacturers of the product. If you don’t take care, you can get your hands on an unregulated and medically inappropriate product that will do more harm than good to you. Don’t fall for any prescription just because you found yourself at a good-looking pharmaceutical website. Get your DIY Botox from credible, certified sources that put safety before making huge sales.

3. What You Get For Your Cash

When you make a DIY Botox order, you not only get the Botox powder but a saline solution to mix it with, needles, and a facial map that helps you know where to inject. If needles scare you to death, don’t sweat it. Certain certified sellers in Canada and across the world actually sell “Inject-Ease” products that help make the injection less invasive and painful.

4. When The Deal Is Too Good, Think Twice

It is not uncommon to come across extremely low prices for Botox and fillers from time to time. Unless you are sure it is an honest deal of some sort (which still warrants concern), don’t go for it. Some suppliers have been known to compromise the effectiveness of these products through extreme dilutions, improper storage, and even selling counterfeit products. You are better off shelling out more cash and getting a quality product.

Botox injection treatments are best done at the clinic by certified and experienced medical professionals. But if you can’t afford this luxury, you are welcome to try DIY Botox injection. Just be sure you gather enough information before embarking on the project to avoid issues later.

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