The 10 best lion’s mane supplement brands of 2018

Are you looking for a supplement that will improve your health, boost your immunity, or heal various illnesses naturally? Then the lion’s mane mushroom supplement is your best choice.  It’s a supplement with a wide range of medicinal and general health benefits.

Achieved from a naturally grown fungus, the supplement does nothing but give you positive results. Unlike other supplements which may disappoint, this one is unique and result-oriented. If you need such a supplement, below is a list of the best lion’s mane supplement brands. They are certified, tested and proven to be effective.

#1.  Host Defense Lion’s Mane Capsules

This lion’s mane mushroom tops in the list of the best lion’s mane supplement brands.  It’s highly used and supports the nerves and memory.  It promotes the growth of nerves in the brain and enhances the functioning of the entire nervous system. Components in this supplement have the ability to promote brain functions such as memory, focus and mental clarity. It’s natural and comes with an easy to follow user information.

#2. Mushroom Matrix Lions Mane Organic Powder

This organic product from Om comes in powder form. It supports cognitive health. You can use it in juices and smoothies. The supplement is certified as organic. It’s a healthy food choice for your brain. The nerve growth component, NGF (Nerve growth factor) boosts the growth of nerve cells; the supplement also helps with mood, creativity and focus.

#3. The New Chapter Lion’s Mane LifeShield Mind Force

Just like the Host-Defense brand, the New Chapter supplement enhances mental clarity.  The lion’s mane extract is combined with the Reish mushroom extract to offer cognitive support and enhance normal functioning of the brain. It’s certified as a non-GMO product; it nourishes brain cells and prevents brain diseases.

#4. Relentless Improvement Lion’s Mane Hericium

This supplement contains 30{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} polysaccharides. It’s a full-spectrum (consists of spores, fruiting boy and mycelium) fungal material without fillers. It’s not an extract. The full spectrum offers the fungal material all the biologically active components. The hericium is not a hot water extract. It’s also rich in Beta Glucan and helps to alleviate memory problems.

#5. Aloha Medicinal Certified Organic Lion’s Mane

The supplement is also known for nerve and memory support among other benefits. It’s organic and free from contamination or additives. It helps with memory loss and frequent forgetfulness. It also boosts the digestive and immune system.

#6. ELECTRIC Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder

The electric brand is a potent, powerful and highly effective extract from organic lion’s mane mushroom. It consists of pure extract powder extracted from whole fruiting bodies.  It’s certified as organic, non-GMO, vegan, Gluten-free and Paleo friendly. Using this product will make you become clear and focused, prevent memory loss and help you make better decisions. It’s easy to use in juices, smoothies and tea.

#7. Paradise Herbs Vegetarian Capsules, Lions Mane

This product is completely vegetarian. It has no additives, fillers or allergens and encourages healthy moods. It controls anxiety and irritability.  To people with Alzheimer’s, this product does wonders.

#8. Genius Mushroom Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi

The product is a combination of three species of beneficial mushrooms. It works to nurture your spirit, body and mind.  Genius mushroom supplement enhances immune function, mental clarity and provides energy. It’s also a detoxing supplement, supports the liver, relieves stress and improves cognitive performance.

#9. Swanson Lion’s Mane Mushroom

The Swanson product helps in naturally sharpening the mental edge. Users confirm that this product can help people with ADHD. It clears brain fog, helps with Alzheimer’s and provides mental clarity.

#10. ORIVeDA Lion’s Mane extract

The ORIVeDA is top rated and highly used.  It’s a combination of 50{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} percent fruiting body and 50{fb84203fd3e9fd09e0c3acbf40809f43fc94873d7a388e94884790b3133d92e1} mycelium. The extract has primary biological active components; it guarantees NGF inducing ingredients; the beta-glucan ad polysaccharides components add to its health benefits.

Best practices

  • It’s important for users to seek advice from your doctor before using the supplements.
  • It’s essential to follow the user’s guide concerning dosage and period of use
  • Pregnant and nursing women should consult before using the supplements
  • It’s not an alternative medicine to illnesses, but a supplement that has healing properties

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