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Trusting Only the Professionals

Plastic surgery is a very delicate matter and it is best left done at the hands of highly trained professionals because things can go wrong very quickly. Operations such as breast augmentation and nose lifts require a lot of precision and care. ...

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Comprehensive Plastic Surgery In Novomed Aesthetica

Novomed Aesthetica offers plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Novomed has its own dedicated surgical hospital for the procedures to offer a safer and more pampered experience. We have eminent visiting plastic surgeons, as well as our team of local surgeons ...

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Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery: Things You Must Know If You’re Getting One

Plastic surgery will change your appearance forever. If you’re considering plastic surgery, then this guide will add a little to your knowledge about it. What is the appropriate age for doing plastic surgery? There’s no specific limit for plastic surgery. ...

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