Skin Cancer and the Necessity of Prompt Screening

Skin cancer or medically known as melanoma is a serious medical condition, especially if left untreated. People with fair skin are prone to skin cancer, although, a few cases of skin cancer in the Black population were also reported. Hence, it is a must to have skin cancer checks as a part of the regular screening. The purpose of regular screening is to detect cancer at an early stage so that treatment will be immediately initiated. Skin cancer shouldn’t be taken lightly as it could be fatal if left untreated, especially if it is already in the advanced stage.

Are you at risk for a skin cancer?

  • Those who have a fair complexion are susceptible to skin cancer.
  • Those with severe sunburn episodes.
  • Those who are exposed to the extreme heat of the sun for a long period of time such as the ones playing summer sports.
  • Those who have numerous moles.

Screening for skin cancer is a must. The screening test is usually performed in the clinic or hospital setting under the management of an experienced doctor. A thorough medical history taking is conducted followed by a detailed physical examination. If malignancy is suspected, a biopsy is carried out and sent for pathology study. Advanced screening includes a full body mapping so that no area of the skin is missed.

A skin cancer screening test is performed in patients who are categorized as medium and high-risk patients. People with moles and skin lesions are the priority as skin cancer usually affects people with skin irregularities including lumps and bumps. There are different types of skin cancers and without proper screening, it would be impossible differentiate one type from another. If you are at risk or cancer runs in your family, then it is time to actively take an effort to have yourself checked.

A skin cancer is something that should not be taken lightly. It can be extremely fatal, especially if it is already in the advanced stage. With early screening and detection, treatment can be easily initiated, which will increase the chance of survival.

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