Should You Get Custom Orthotics

There are quite a lot of conditions that can easily be fixed with custom orthotics, as they are the most common solution given out by the podiatrists. That is because their effect targets quite a large range of deformation of the foot, and they will take away the pain from the patient while they are walking

What are custom orthotics?

Every shoe has orthotics of some kind, and while the majority of them to fit every foot, they are not ideal for everyone, which is why sometimes shoes won’t exactly “fit” even if they are the correct number. Custom orthotics are placed into the shoe instead of a regular orthotic, and they are going to be uniquely designed according to the person that uses them.

Where can you get custom orthotics?

You can get orthotics for flat feet runners by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or regular orthotics at any podiatrist by visiting their office. A quick procedure is involved where you will be asked to step with both feet into a special solution so the podiatrist can have a mold of your feet.

After that, the custom orthotics will go through a special process where the mold is filled with a different special solution, and then shaped and crated into a pair of orthotics that will fit your feet only, and none other, which is where the name “custom orthotics” comes from.

What is the use of custom orthotics?

While custom orthotics are usually created for those who tend to have a condition which involves changing the shape of the foot,  such as the flat feet condition, it is not rare for professional runners or even casual walkers to get a pair of custom orthotics.

In general what they do is provide the best comfort possible for your feet, which will essentially help the rest of your body in various ways, as the majority of symptoms such as back and neck pain often come from the feet due to bad orthotics.

Custom orthotics can help with various conditions that involve feet

Are the orthotics at the pharmacy the same thing?

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to orthotics according to professional podiatrist Kensington like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry is that a lot of people think that custom orthotics and the orthotics you get at the pharmacy, or so-called over the counter orthotics, have the same effect.

The truth is that the orthotics you buy at the pharmacy or your local drug store are pretty much like the orthotics you get with your shoes, but they are just a different preset shape. In very rare cases, it is possible that some of those shapes happen to be the perfect fit, but unless the orthotics are made from the mold of your feet at the podiatrist, they are not considered custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are going to fit your feet perfectly

Final Word

Getting custom orthotics as early as possible is always a really good idea, especially if you happen to have a common condition like flat feet. If you have a child that has this condition, there is quite a high possibility that their condition is going to improve as they grow up, and in some cases, it is going to fade completely, but most importantly, it will allow them to walk around without experiencing any pain.

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