Protect your kids and let them breathe cleaner air with negative ionizers

You surely want to do your best to keep your family safe, especially your kids. You may be afraid that they may have allergies and other health problems that they can get from the environment. So you avoid letting them play outdoors because of too much air pollution outside, but you may not know that even playing indoors is not safe for them. Too much exposure to indoor viruses can also risky and can cause big health problems.

There are hundreds of airborne diseases that your family can get. Using air purifying products to clean the air in rooms will lower the risk of having a disease that they can get from airborne viruses, but not all air purifying products are guaranteed to be safe for the health of your children. Some products can purify the air, and yet still contain allergens that can affect your kid’s respiratory system. But luckily, there is IonBox, IonNight, and IonBulb, the negative ionizers from Ion Pacific. These products are negative ionizers that release negative ions that clean the air and make it healthier to breathe.

The IonBulbs can be placed in the living room or in any room. It is a negative ionizer that can release up to 3,000,000 negative ions per second in up to 150,000 square feet area. While IonBox is a portable negative ionizer that you can place anywhere in your household. You can also bring it with you when you travel because you can plug it into your car. This negative ionizer can release up to 20,000,000 negative ions per second in up to 500 square feet coverage area. You can also use IonNight, a night light that is perfect for your children’s bedroom, it is a negative ionizer that can release up to 3,000,000 negative ions per second in up to 150 square feet coverage area.

With these negative ionizers, it is guaranteed that the air in your home is cleaned and purified. Using these products will prevent your family from having allergies since negative ions have the ability to latch onto allergens in the air and remove it by weighing them down and pulling them to the ground and out of the breathing space.  With IonBox, IonNight, and IonBulb, your family will surely have a better sleep environment and they will surely wake up allergy-free.

If a member of your family is a smoker, you don’t have to worry that your child may inhale the smoke or that the odor will remain in your home because these negative ionizers can remove it for you. Aside from that, negative ionizers can also remove the foul smell from bathrooms and kitchens. A home that smells like fruit or flowers or any air perfume doesn’t mean it is clean. You can use a negative ionizer simultaneously with your fresheners and not only will the air be clean, it can also smell great. If you have a pet that stays inside your home, it won’t be a struggle to clean their shedding or pet dander because these negative ionizers can clear all the unwanted particles from the air.

IonBox negative ionizers guarantee that you live in a home with no pollen, harmful dust, and other airborne viruses. Not only that, it can also enhance your family’s sleep quality, skin condition, mental focus, hair appearance, and can also reduce stress and provide relaxation.

Avail IonBox, IonBulbs, and IonNight and be surprised with its advantages and benefits that it can bring to you and your family. These negative ionizers are devices that can clean the air and can also provide a better living condition for your family. If you want to make sure that your family is living in a safer environment, your kids are playing and sleeping in a room with cleaner and fresher air, and that you are all protected from having health problems that you can get from the air you breathe, these products are perfect for your home.

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