Physical Therapy Can Help Heal Old Injuries

If you have problems that you need to get Deep Tissue Massage you will be able to get these type massages at any of the Healing Within You; is where you can go to get these type massages. You can also get active-isolated stretching.

Deep tissue massages

Massage Valrico fl is known for the deep tissue massages. This is a therapy that concentrates on the realigning of the deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. It is most supportive for areas frequently contracted and tenses such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and especially sore shoulders. The massage work by breaking down adhesions from an old injury. This relieves pain and allows the body to continue healing itself to restore normal movement.

Some discomfort and pain

At some points during these massages, many people will have some discomfort and pain. This is normal as the body begins healing old injuries after the adhesions are breaking up. Just talk to your therapist about this. This stiffness or pain usually subsides within a day. It is recommended that you apply ice to any area that hurts after the massage.

Stretching therapy

Actived isolated stretching is a technique used to help people increase the efficiency of stretching without triggering the discomfort that keeps many people away from it. The therapist can stretch the body with techniques and positions that would not be possible by yourself.

Muscles contracting

The muscle that needs this work is isolated by contracting the muscle that is opposite. If you are planning to stretch the hamstrings you first will need to actively contract the quadriceps. The hamstrings will relax and create a perfect area for the hamstrings to stretch. Any problem areas will be helped by your therapist until you are able to do these stretches alone.

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