Pain Relief Cream – Best 2019 Breakthrough’s – Review Guide

Meta – Traditional pain relief creams are chemical-ridden and full of toxins that often hurt more than they help.  Now, clean ingredients, natural alternatives, and CBD have to lead to new popular pain relief creams. We break down the science and the products in this guide.

A Shift in How We Think About Pain

From 2010 to just last year, pain relief creams were accepted as they were, often chemical-ridden and full of toxins that cause allergic reactions, breakouts, and chemical imbalances. A quick review of the ingredients in Icy Hot will yield now; clean ingredients, natural alternatives, and new breakthroughs have enabled new, more popular pain relief creams to dominate the market. We break down the science, and the products in this guide.

What to look for in a pain relief cream

Our first recommendation when reviewing your pain relief cream is to look at the ingredients.  Great products are going to lead off with natural items like water, aloe, essential oils, hemp, and plant names.  What you need to immediately be aware of is if the ingredients start right away with chemicals.  Many natural or healthy products need to contain some chemicals for preservatives etc, but if you see them at the bottom of the list, that’s totally acceptable.  It’s important to remember, ingredients go from most to least.  So if chemicals are up top, definitely think twice?

What do you mean by chemicals? AS an example of why this is bad, take a look at Aluminum Glycinate and Aluminum Hydroxide — you can find these in many older pain relief creams, and their actual indigestion medications!  Then you can see items like Lidocaine… which isn’t pain relief, it’s a numbing medication, which only makes the problem seem to go away, but doesn’t’ actually get to the root of pain to provide real relief.

Beware of the chemicals, even in brand names!

Icy Hot is a household name for sore muscle relief; it’s been used for 10 or 20 years by famous athletes and just normal people. The cooling and warming icy/hot sensation is a signature known by people of all ages, but many folks have never really asked how it works. In 2019, in the wellness era, people are paying a little more attention to what’s in the products they put in their bodies, and Icy Hot and their competitors like Biofreeze have come under extreme scrutiny for a pretty unbelievable list of ingredients inside their products.   Icy Hot includes the worst of the worst ingredient and the #1 we encourage all pain relief cream buyers to review -PEG-150 distearate.  PEG-150 distearate is often considered terrible for humans since it penetrates the dermal layer of the skin and can get into the user’s bloodstream. Many watchdog organizations consider PEG-150 an utterly hazardous ingredient that shouldn’t be allowed for human consumption.

Is hemp or CBD useful in my pain relief cream? What’s the difference?

CBD oil is also called hemp oil, contains CBD extracts from cannabis plants. Many people around the US use CBD for pain relief.

CBD is a type of cannabinoid, which occurs naturally in cannabis plants, but it’s important to note CBD is not a psychoactive chemical. Cannabis contains several different components. One of these, which are called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is psychoactive. Unlike CBD, THC can change a person’s mental state and generate a “high”.

There’re many different CBD oil products available, and the amount of CBD in them may vary. We recommend choosing products with at least 200mg CBD inside for pain relief. Many people ask about the legality, and luckily, people making CBD and selling in modern retail, extract the CBD from hemp plants, rather than marijuana plants. Both plants are cannabis plants, but the selective breeding of marijuana plants has resulted in them containing high levels of THC. This is not the case for hemp plants, which are used to produce a number of important products in everyday use.

If you see hemp extract, this means standard hemp, which has plenty of benefits, but not the anti-inflammation, deep pain relief, and anti-anxiety property of CBD.  If it says hemp-oil, the product contains CBD, which is usually called out on the packaging.

Picking the pain relief cream that’s right for you

The choice comes down to a few easy questions, that will help point anyone in the right direction based on their lifestyle choices, and the type of pain that they are experiencing.  Read below, and you’ll find yourself in one of several categories to choose the best pain relief cream for what you’re experiencing.  Remember… everyone is different, and different people have different experiences, be honest with yourself, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Do you like putting complex, potentially dangerous chemicals in your body? Then choose the big pharmaceutical choices like IcyHot or Biofreeze.

Is your pain nerve-related?  Then we suggest you look at Penetrex, who has become one of the e-commerce market leaders for a new generation of non-big-dharma pain relief

Are you experiencing anxiety or inflammation along with your pain, or looking for a sleep-aid as part of your pain relief? You should focus on CBD pain relief cream, which you can find in lotion format from companies like Kush Queen offering their Melt CBD. We recommend staying away from Lord Jones due to the frequent complaints of allergic reactions to their creams, and the high cost ($60 per 1.69 ounces).  Much more popular than lotion is gel format, which is especially useful way to intake CBD and natural pain relief, especially for muscle-based pain, and in particular if you want to solve pain in inflamed areas, and if you want to increase sleep, gel-based topicals that avoid the potentially skin-drying or allergic potentials of creams is likely your best choice.

Do you have more basic, consistent pain, but don’t experience anxiety or inflammation?

Then hemp pain relief cream solutions are the option for you.  The hemp pain relief cream option is great for those who want a working, natural solution for their bodies, but don’t need the extra effects (or cost) of CBD creams for pain relief.  This is the perfect balance of performance without chemicals, without the high cost.   We offer our Muscle-Goo gel in this category, as the market leader in muscle pain relief, but there are many great options on the market to review as well.

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